Sarah Shahi to Kick Backside on Person of Interest

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Consider yourself strongly warned, Reese and Finch: Sarah Shahi is headed to Person of Interest Season 2.

The former Fairly Legal star will appear on multiple episodes of the CBS hit as Shaw, a “fearless, sexy operative in a secret paramilitary organization that tracks and eliminates terrorists before they can act,” as teased by creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan.

Kate Worries

Nolan goes on to describe the character as sharp, witty and bilingual, while adding of her: “If James Bond and Sarah Connor had a kid, Shaw would kick its ass."

In a word: yikes! In five words: we can't wait to meet her.

Shahi, who stopped by Chicago Fire this season, debuts on February 21.

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I am so excited, love her character and the actress. Excellent addition, thank for the good intro and the build of her character, now we get her more often. These shows get great depth with the addition of strong actors. Yeah.


While I never became a Fairly Legal fan because I have enough shows to watch on TV as it is and law practices as TV shows are overly rated. Law and Order cliched the practice too many times to count. So, while Fairly Legal is more about civil cases and not criminal ones, I didn't care less. Only knowing Sarah Sahari through Fairly Legal's advertisements, I looked forward to seeing her in something else. Hence, watching her kick tail in that episode first of all gave the fans a taste of the POI experience from a POI's perspective and second introduced a strong and dedicated female spy (I prefer "hands-on" operator though just much cooler and mysterious) for the US gov soon to be burned. The way she was introduced into the show is brilliant and carefully thought out including how they fit the bad guys who want everyone and their uncles who came in contact or in knowledge of the "Machine" terminated into the episode. So nice to see Root too, getting close to that OSP douche working an angle. In truth, the show was mainly about Shaw and her transition from hot government commodity to loose end to future regular, but excellent job by the writers filling tidbits of their own to continue the story. Going to be interesting to see when Shaw's be back.


I have been a POI fan since the pilot and am getting a little concerned that the writers/producers are getting a little crazy with new characters like this one. They still have a herd of characters to deal with from seasons 1 & 2. Who? Elias, the Aryans, Root, Kara Stanton, Agent Snow, Nathan, HR, Simmons, the govt types chasing down the Machine/Harold, Nathan's son, Zoe Morgan, and I know I am forgeting a few others. Some of my friends have tried to start watching POI but can't follow the plots with so many new characters popping in like they are now - so they give up and watch something else. J.J. - you listening?


I like it when they have women on shows who kick butt. I don't think she will be a love interest for Reese because he belongs to Zoey. More Zoey writers.


cant wait she is so natural and happy !! i loved Fairly legal and her other one life


Definitely hope she's not a love interest.


Now I will finally WATCH Person of Interest since Sarah Shahi as Shaw has got me interested enough. I have heard good stuff about this show but was not interested by its lack of a good female lead role but now I am excited to watch it! Hope Shaw stays as love interest for Reese! Dani Reese and John Reese, its fate! GREAT!


Too bad. I'm not fond of her as an actress. I guess I'll skip those episodes.