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With Suits Season 2 finally picking back up this Thursday, TV Fanatic has teamed with USA to offer fans a fun prize pack in anticipation of the show's return.

What does it include? How can you win? Read on. Find out.

Suits Season 2.5 Poster

Valued at $250, this giveaway features the following items:

  • Suits Custom Messenger Bag
  • Suits Season One DVD
  • Suits Character 6-piece Magnet Set
  • Suits T-Shirt Set
  • Suits Can Opener
  • Ceiva Share 8inch Digital Photo Frame with 1-Year Picture Plan Membership

Just follow these SIMPLE and FREE steps for a chance to win:

  1. Log-in or Register for TV Fanatic. Only registered users are eligible.
  2. Answer the following question in the Comment section below: Which character will face the most challenging time at the firm this season and why?

That's it! We will select the reader with the best answer on Thursday, January 17 and mail him/her the entire prize pack. And remember: you can watch all 22 Suits episodes right now on Hulu.

NOTE: The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only.

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Harvey will have the toughest season because he will want to 1) step up to get his name on the door, 2) he has compromised by being bribed to bring in a new intern, 3) is falling in love with a woman who is now responsible for her brothers child and Harvey will mature a bit which puts more emphasis on his personal vs professional life and 4) he will be under more and more pressure to protect Mike as the Harvard lie continues to erode.


Which character will face the most challenging time at the firm this season and why? I personally think that Jessica will have the most challenging time at the firm. She has so much on her plate. The Harvey and Louis feud. Mikes come and go issue with Harvard. Dealing with clients that want to leave the Firm because of someones mistakes. She has to make the majority of the important calls to keep the Firm from falling apart. But like always...Jessica will prevail!!!! I love Suits!!!!!


Who won? :)


I think, unfortunately, Mike. Over and over through the first twenty-two episodes we see his morale differences with Harvey put the firm under pressure due to his "screw ups". These usually occur because he lacks the killer instinct of Harvey. During the second half of Season 2 I have a feeling his luck is going to run out and cost the firm big putting him, and Jessica and Harvey, under pressure from Louis. Either he is going to let his secret slip or lose a big client costing the firm millions of dollars. As well, at the end of episode twenty-two he is seen by Rachel with Tess soon after kissing her at the firm. Between those three conflicts it looks like Mike's in for another rough ride as an associate.


I would have to say that Louisis really going to have a tough time this season. He really can't be trusted and the paranoia he has will always put him in a corner.


Jessica because she's not up for the task.


i think that mike is going to be facing the most challenges this season because it's his turn!


I think Rachel will have a difficult time at the firm, only because she'll see Mike there and she knows what he did.


Jessica, the reason i say this is because now that she is managing director again she carries the most responsability and hence has a lot to lose, and the fact that she just took part in the dismissal of Daniel based on accusations of fraud when she is currently keeping the fact that mike is a fraud a secret puts her in a very dangerous position. all the eyes of the partners are on her.
As usual Harvey is her responsibility and because of his nature and his tendancy to push boundries she is in an even more dangerous position, one wrong move could not only end her career but have her disbarred or put into prison. Also, the fact that there are more and more people finding out about Mike being a fraud means it is getting closer and closer to the point where it gets into the wrong hands and Jessica takes the fall with Mike and Harvey. "with great power comes great responsibility" - in my opinion Jessica hasnt been safe enough and has not stuck closely enough to the rules and she is in a position that she has a long way to fall. One can only take so mant chances before they get caught out - i think Jessica is in for one hec of a season. DW


What a prize! :D

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Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


Donna: This isn't how two adults who care about each other move on.
Harvey: As far as I'm concerned, two adults who care about each other don't move on at all.