The Lying Game Review: Cruel Intentions

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Wow, that Rebecca really scares the crap out of me!

If people were unconvinced of how evil she was before, all you needed to do was catch the final scene in "A Kiss Before Lying" when she almost mowed down her own daughter for disobeying her.

What could've pissed Rebecca off enough to frighten Sutton so and show her a notebook where Kristin confessed to wanting to give her up?

Emma Takes Laurel's Advice

Oh, just Sutton deciding last minute NOT to expose the fact that Ted is the biological father of the twins to an entire event full of people!

Rebecca is up there with Mommy Dearest. I can't believe I momentarily felt bad for her up at the cabin during her creepy honeymoon. I mean, was that shower scene a rip off of Pretty Little Liars nod to Psycho or what? Actually, I suppose nothing is a rip off when the shows come from the same writer, creator and parent company. After all, they have a lot of the same vibes.

Either way, that was one of the creepier honeymoons I've ever seen. If Alec is telling the truth when he says he wouldn't be doing all this stuff for Rebecca if he thought she framed him, then what the heck is really going on? Alec totally thinks Rebecca framed him! With this couple it's like sleeping with the enemy. They want to take each other down. I guess we just have to assume that Alec has something a lot more complicated up his sleeve.

Rebecca's cruel intentions are just a little more upfront. Exposing Ted and ruining Kristin at an event honoring him? That's cold. I guess Sutton felt some last-second guilt staring at Kristin after hearing that story in therapy. Deep down, Sutton probably just has some angst about her adoption and feeling loved and that's why she rebels. Despite the fact that the Mercers seem like loving parents, that couldn't have been easy.

Do you think that Kristin really had a diary that said she wanted to give up Sutton? Rebecca is a really cruel person as we all know, but that's not exactly why I've been dying to use the title "Cruel Intentions" for weeks now. This following quote from Laurel about sums it up:

I'd say...have fun kissing your stepsister, creep. | permalink

Okay, the minute I found out that Mads was macking it to her brand new stepbrother obviously my first thought was "ew." But now that they're continuing their little dalliance, all I can think about is Sebastian and Kathryn from Cruel Intentions. Was anyone else thinking the same thing?

I still wish we could get the full story from the past. Like did Ted know Rebecca was pregnant? How much does Ted know about the adoption? Why did Alec or whoever force her to give up the babies?


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This episode had a lot of flaws, but I liked it though. Go Sutton!


Some contrived timing drama with Emma and Thayer. Alec and Rebecca are seriously creepy and scary. I hope Laurel finds out soon or, if not, starts investigating on her own. I loved Laurel rejecting Jordan. It's good to see Sutton's progression. Sutton at therapy was amusing. Mads' "spirit is eager but the flesh is weak" thing is amusing. I love that Emma doesn't consider Ethan a friend but still cares about him. It's good that Emma is becoming suspicious of Sutton. I love Emma's facial expression when someone told her something "she" did and she closes her eyes to indicate her realization that Sutton did it.


For the first time ever I felt for Sutton! Though, I think she's due for a major regression next week after what Rebecca did to her. Ethan really does love her. He's in love with the bad girl hoping he can turn her straight. Well that is a slight change of pace, I guess. I agree Thayer could have stepped in and kept Emma from sleeping at the bus station. But it made it more dramatic this way, I suppose. I hope Emma confesses to Kristin or Ted but I'm guessing it's Laurel next week. Though it'd be more of a surprise if it were someone like Ethan's brother.


So the more Sutton becomes self aware and well nicer I am going to guess the more likely she meets the same end as her book character (and likely the writers like the idea of now Emma having to cover really actually being in love with Thayer but now having to front a relationship with Ethan who is just confused but I think him and Sutton make more sense). I hope Laurel follows through! Heck just confront Mads! I am guessing she is who Emma confesses to next episode but that likely is the last scene since I bet Emma and Thayer spend most of the next episode in LA (and seriously why didn't he check to see if he could catch her the night before and she wouldn't have had to sleep in the bus station it is like...if you wanted to catch her that you checked the bus schedule did you notice that her bus was cancelled...whatever I would be a little irritated )

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