Gossip Girl Bloopers: Season 6 Shenanigans!

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Who knew Bart Bass could be so hilarious? Or that Ed Westwick sometimes drools when he kisses? Or that Blake Lively makes such silly faces?

Or that Penn Badgley can have so much trouble getting a single line of dialogue out?

In anticipation of its DVD release, The CW has come out with a Gossip Girl Season 6 blooper reel. Check it out now and reconnect with your favorite cast members:

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I miss them too!!


:'( i miss them.


No matter the ship wars, the (sometimes huge) plotholes, and some awful storylines, this show accompanied us through 6 amazing years. It almost grew with us, it made us laugh, it made us cry, it made us think.
It's awesome and sad to see for the last time all the crew together laughing and being silly.
Since it was the last season, I wished there were more of these moments, but it really made me realise even more that this show is over and it also made me appreciate what we had.
I miss you so much, GG!


penn badgley is hilarious in the gossip girl is dead. it just goes to show how very ridiculous even the actors thought the show had become, with dan being gg.


I miss them too. I'm rewatching all the seasons and I just realized how that they made Chuck and Blair relationship too tortuous. No one in their right minds would put up with that crap. Thank goodness they end up together happily!!!


i just miss this show so much!!


This is so good, thank you for posting it.


Aww I miss them!


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