Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Will Anyone Die?

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Almost every year, the Grey’s Anatomy season finale is one you have to sweat out.

Plane crashes, bus accidents, shootings you name it. Choose your own disaster.

So what will May's Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale entail? More of the same?

Torres and Karev

Maybe not. Creator Shonda Rhimes tells TV Line she has some other ideas.

“I have a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it’s been evolving as the season progresses,” the executive producer says. “At this moment in time, I would not consider it to be a catastrophe.”


Of course, we've also seen major breakups, hospital shakeups and other emotional drama. So you know it's going to pack a punch. Just a matter of how, and who will be impacted the most this season.

Major deaths seem to be off the table this year at least. Probably. Phew.

What do you think will go down in a few months' time at Seattle Grace? Share your thoughts and theories about how Grey's Anatomy Season 9 could/should come to a close in the comments!

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Well, plane crush victims buy the hospital and rename it in honor of the lexie and mark...Meredith gives birth when her home is burnt...while izzy is taken into hospital little hurt after a carcrush which was caused due to her new brain tumor....alex stops his new love affair with joe and tries one more time to get back with izzy(in the 10th season)


I think old cast members who haven't been killed off return. Like Burke, cuz that would shake up Christina. And Izzie returns as a surgical fellow with Addison. Since Addison has her hubby and son. :-) Plus some cast members from Private Practice make some appearances. That'd be cool.


I thought Meredith and Derek's house was supposed to possibly catch on fire? I feel like I read that somewhere.


Perhaps Meredith and Derek's baby will be stillborn? That'll teach them to be so goddamn happy!


Callies dad dies and leaves loads of money she then buys the hospital. Merder throw a house party to celebrate. Mer goes into labour if the baby is a girl call it Ellis if its a boy call it dereks dads name. This is unrelated to the finale but if kevin mckidd (owen) ever decides to leave the show then they should make it that he is asked to join the army again . Or when the show finishes owen is asked if he would like to rejoin the army. He is unsure but decieds not to cristina tells him she wants kids


- Callie and Arizona legalize their partnership now that they can be wed in Washington State
- Meredith gives birth to healthy baby boy (Zola's a big Sis now)
- Karev's Brother comes to Seattle and tries to kill him
- Bailey has a one night stand with Jackson when she finds out Ben cheated on her
- Christina ends up pregnant again and decides to keep the baby


Callie's Sister Aria hear's what's happening and comes around to accept Callie n Arizona and donates all the money in her also huge trust fund to the hospital n Save's Callie's butt as I'm sure Callie's saved her butt a ton before we knew Callie.


Dead Nick-Arizona's rock/Tim's best friend from 8x22-8x23 has left everything to Arizona/in Arizona's name since he loved her so much and it's his money that buys the hospital.


Arizona's brother faked his death/was identified wrongly as a dead man and comes back and is a rich man and buys the hospital and Arizona knows he's rich and has been hiding it from Callie that she comes from a rich robbins family. Maybe they could also turn the hospital into a military hospital n help troops that are hurt from wars Tim wants to be a part of thierlives n Sofia's life.


Callie's father dies out of the blue and has left everything to Callie n Sofia and nothing to Lucia n Aria forcing them to move to Seattle and be part of Callie n Sofia's lives now that Callie has daddy's money.

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