Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Will Anyone Die?

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Almost every year, the Grey’s Anatomy season finale is one you have to sweat out.

Plane crashes, bus accidents, shootings you name it. Choose your own disaster.

So what will May's Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale entail? More of the same?

Torres and Karev

Maybe not. Creator Shonda Rhimes tells TV Line she has some other ideas.

“I have a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it’s been evolving as the season progresses,” the executive producer says. “At this moment in time, I would not consider it to be a catastrophe.”


Of course, we've also seen major breakups, hospital shakeups and other emotional drama. So you know it's going to pack a punch. Just a matter of how, and who will be impacted the most this season.

Major deaths seem to be off the table this year at least. Probably. Phew.

What do you think will go down in a few months' time at Seattle Grace? Share your thoughts and theories about how Grey's Anatomy Season 9 could/should come to a close in the comments!

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Please bring izzie back!!!!


All the new interns feel horrible about everything that's happening and all get a lot of money and pitch in together to save the attendings jobs n the hospital that they all seem to love already


Callie maybe steps up annonomously and buys the hospital she's a hieress with a big trust fund she would do the right thing to save her favorite hospital/co-workers jobs/her job/her wife's job. Callie contacts Carlos lets him know whatls going on and he buys the hospital or something he's a rich man. Calzona moves from thier apartment/buys a house/ges a dog/chickens/starts thinking about another kid/adoption?


Derek is a multimillionaire with or without the settlement as was Mark (which is why it was strange that Callie was acting like her and Arizona struggling or even Sofia was going to struggle as far as I know Callie and daddy reconcile so I wouldn't be surprise if he sends money or open a big ass trust for Sofia). Meredith's mom was multimillionaire as well and assume Meredith got her estate. Only survivors that are not rich on their own is Christina and Arizona.


Shonda said that survivors money all together wouldn't be enough to buy the hospital... but I still think they're gonna participate though. They can't be rich otherwise there is no show, and it's indeed blood money. I'm relieved there probably won't be any death this year. But I'll believe it when I see it.


Let Christina leave the show
Richard engaged to Jackson's mom
Meriedith gives birth?


Haha @irina i think you're right on the Cristina part!


Plane crash victims are going to buy Seattle Grace Hospital, they've got "blood money" to pay for it. Remember they were discussing what 15 million can buy? Weather they pool their resources together or just one of them is going to buy it is not clear. There is nothing Christina would like more than her own hospital :)

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