Hart of Dixie Review: The Break Up

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We all saw this coming, didn't we?

On "Where I Lead Me," Zoe and Wade broke up. After a dramatic out-of-character (OOC) twist on last week's Hart of Dixie, all of those decisions came to a head and no amount of begging from Wade could save this relationship.

On a lighter note, though, we were given more Wanda and Tom on their wedding day in Bluebell. These two saved the hour for me.

Annabeth & Lemon Arrive

I might as well get the negative out of the way. Here's the gist of what happened: the writers needed a reason to end the Wade and Zoe relationship. Their conclusion? Making Wade OOC by having him sleep with a woman who wasn't Zoe Hart.

This is where my problems begins. In my review last week, I blew up and scorned the writers for doing this. Now that we've reached this far in Hart of Dixie Season 2, it seems like this was the writers intentions all along. Every week has brought a new problem for the couple; the pattern has been obvious and irritating, as they argue over something or hurt each other's feelings and then quickly make up for 10 minutes before another issue arises.

If this was the plan, HoD team, then why did you waste most of this season catering to this couple?!? I will admit that I'm the kind of viewer who watches this happen and says, "it's all apart of their character journey" and continues to enjoy the story. But it's hard for me to wrap my head around the OOC and "dark place" Wade was put in just to break him and Zoe up.

I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing how the bitterness is swept under the rug. It's not like Zoe can forgive him anytime soon and be back with him. If she did, then she'd be OOC.

On to the positive! Debra Jo Rupp was wonderful in this episode! I want her back for more because, honestly, who wouldn't want more of that lovely lady? She also said, "YOLO!" Ha! So come back Kitty!

Speaking of Wanda, her and Tom's wedding was absolutely adorable. What I would have given to have an invite to that event! I would have dressed up as a Droid or something. Nerd heaven! At least love is working out for one couple on Hart of Dixie.

I truly hope we continue to have more Tom and Wanda! Ross Philips and Mallory Moye are underused in the show.

Finally, after OOC Lemon last week, she came to her senses and forgave Annabeth. I spoke to Kaitlyn Black recently and she made a good point: I need to look at it from Lemon's perspective. She said that Annabeth was the most constant thing in Lemon's life and she had been hurt by AB. That's very true and I'm more forgiving of OOC Lemon than I am of OOC Wade now.

It's nice to see that the bond of two friends is strong enough to make it through this. I definitely ship Annabeth and Lemon as best friends forever!

Overall, this episode brought back the funny and picked the show off the floor after last week's disaster. It's time for us Dixie fans to move on and accept the journey the writers are taking us.


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One last thing lol..perfect ab on Wade but nasty bathroom, dirty socks, clipping toe nails on the sofa,his dad is the town drunk. a liar and a serial cheater who lives in a run down gate house and spend hours playing video games because he is a free spirit..really? I call that lazy. (oh and I think he's goind bald too..lol) Not much of a pedigree there. But all those things can be overlooked if he is committed to the relationship but let's be honest here he rather go with meatball instead of orange picking with her then ended up going to a strip club because the beer was cheap? come on it's like buying playboy to read the articles. He ruined Zoe date with the vet while he is happily semi cohabitate with another female. Washing his clothes with her expensive shampoo really? how far can a grocery store be in a small town.


Maybe Zoe ex-boyfriend could follow her to bluebell and try to win her back. They could have broke up because she spent too much time working trying to get the fellowship. The writers gave us a season of sexual build up between Zoe and Wade and one of episode of perfect bliss,then they are fighting, making up and fighting again. I agreed with the writers. Zoe and Wade do not belong together because they are too different to complement each other (with an e..lol)he is an immature man who sits around playing video games. The town people don't have a lot of respect for him. Where as Zoe graduated at the top of her class, she is good at her job and care about people around her, she needs to be with Wade as part of life experience and the sex of course...lol but she deserves better.


I think there should be a new guy in town for Zoe someone who's gets her and who becomes her sould mate. Wade and Zoe did have a lot of physical chemistry but the emotional part always seem force and contrive. He sleeping with the girl at Christmas because he had enough (did you notice everything they have a falling out, he is with some other girl right away), jealous of his brother for not only got out of the town but doing well, and choked when given an opportunity to improve his life. On Zoe part she was not emotionally committed either. First she didn't want to go public with the relationship. Then she missed his concert, then gettting lost getting to the battle of the band. I think the writers did a great job telling story of how when all the fireworks and the sexual tension are over there should be something else there. Same taste in music, movies, foods, authors things that help a couple grow closer together. An emotional connection that these town singles seem to be missing. One day they are madly in love and the next day is like okay I am over you...next..noticed how fast Wade already over Zoe? no longing look of what he lost..no self berating..drinking binge..nothing ..is almost like he said man I messed that up..now who can I find to sleep with.


It crushed my heart! Even though I think we all saw it coming deep down somewhere, just like Betsy said, we tried not to admit that something went terribly wrong.
If you look at all the moments Wade and Zoe shared versus the ones with George - there was so much more chemistry while George and Zoe share rather the shallow obvious things - movies, New York, whatever.....they are a boring couple and not meant to be. It can't really be over, can it?
The storytelling was cruel- not because of the writers or the actors, I think it was phenomably done, the moment of Zoes realization or the deep sorrow Wade showed - but the whole episode I felt something bad building up and even the cheerful wedding didn't help it. It broke loose when Zoe was talking to Betsy about her cheating husband and I just hope the writers will get the turnaround for Wade and Zoe and make them the great couple they can be, having learned from the past, appreciating each other more (especially Zoe Wade cause it didn't seem like she saw his deep affection for her) and being faithful in the end.....


i think that zoe and george are perfect for each other and him rushing to defend her is so so cute. they need to date soon. i think the writers should have zoe in distress over the breakup and george swoop in...


omg...anyone would be bored silly dating or marrying a replica of themselves aka george and zoe..wade gives zoe a fun and adorable side and I absolutely hope they as in, wade and zoe get back together...hate to break it to you but men who have great jobs cheat also...ceo's attorneys doctors and policemen...so get a grip george and zoe would be so boring we would all hope that they died in a fiery plane crash to keep from watching that snoozeville of a couple...


Couple of things. I too married my own Wade and I have been married for over 20 years. I was getting my graduate degree from Columbia University, and he was working as a bartender. I didn't take it seriously at first, but I fell in love. The difference is that we talked alot and had a real connection -- not just sex. I also expressed to him that I couldn't see a future with him unless he started taking his future seriously. He quit his bartending job and got a sales job that he loved. Within a few months, we were engaged, planning our wedding, and planning our future together. Zoe and Wade seem to have a real connection, and they are good for each other. He keeps her grounded and has taught her to be more compassionate and fun. She has broadened his horizons, and has made him take life more seriously. The problem is that their relationship was too superficial. They never really talked about anything serious. Also, it was too one-sided. I think Wade loves her and wants a future with her. He would do anything for her. He would open up to her, if he thought she felt the same. I think Zoe cares about him, but doesnt see him as marriage material. I think Wade's insecurities is what made him cheat. I think what needs to happen is that Wade gets his life together without Zoe, maybe even gets a career woman girlfriend. Zoe sees what she is missing, and she pursues him. They start connecting on a real level and end up together.


cori, I agree with you completely: Wade freaked out because he saw himself never living up to the standards that he believes Zoe deserves. The icing on the cake was having to stand up at the wedding with her. Wade realizes he's serious enough about Zoe to want to marry her, but he doesn't think he's good enough for her, doesn't think he'll ever amount to anything, and doesn't believe she'll want to marry him if he's always a "loser". This is his escape hatch. He thinks she'll be better off if they break up now and she finds happiness with someone else, and maybe he thinks it's better to do it this way and spare his own heart from being broken when she eventually outgrows him. Of course, WE ALL KNOW that ain't gonna happen, and she loves him for realz, and eventually his lie will surface, and she'll be mad, but she'll realize that he did it because he really loves her.


I cried last episode when they broke up. OMG. they can't leave it this way. I hope they come back together and that Wade solves his lack of self confidence issue and proves her he changed.


please!!! They need a break up to spice the thing a litle...now is time thar wade step up and make the thing right with zoe.
he must admit that he loves her!!!! And said it!!

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