Hart of Dixie Review: The Disappointment

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In "The Gambler," Hart of Dixie fans witnessed the most amount of drama we have seen on Hart of Dixie Season 2.

And I can honestly say this was my least favorite episode of the entire series. Not because it was dramatic - but because everyone was out of character.  Prepare for a short review, in fact, as I don't have many nice things to say about tonight.

Tom and Wanda Engagement

Let me begin with the main storyline of Wade and Zoe. Can we have one episode where they are not having relationship problems?!? I mean, it seems that all they do is fight and then make up in some adorable way in the end. If all they were going to do was disagree and apologize, then why put them together in the first place? Their relationship seems more negative than a positive at this point. 

Secondly, after all of the character growth that Wade has made this season, all it took was the second half of one episode to throw it down the drain. Did Zoe push too far? Maybe. But in the end all she wanted was for him to be able to follow his dream. Wade's reaction? Getting drunk, ruining the set, having a pity party for himself and then leaving with another woman. What the hell is that all about? Seriously? After how far he's come to be a better person, the writers throw all away just like that?

Such a disappointment. If you're going to break them up, you don't have to sacrifice maturity to do so. Wade is better than that - it almost feels like a slap in the face to those fans who adore the guy. 

Moving on to Lemon... Just like Wade, she was way out of character tonight. The "new" Lemon that has been developing would have forgiven Annabeth by now because she is above being childish. I thought she was headed to being a strong, independent woman? It saddens me to see my favorite character act like such a child and hold a grudge like she is. 

Another character who seemed out of it was Annabeth. Yes, she has always been VERY loyal to Lemon and their friendship but the moment she decided to be with Lavon was the moment her character changed. She made a grown up decision, now it's time to deal with the consequences. I knew that this was going to happen unfortunately. In the end, I really hope that Lemon and her resolve their issues and find happiness.

The only part I enjoyed was Tom and Wanda. Let's all be real honest - these two are the most adorable couple on Earth. Fake or not, I want to go to this wedding! They are so in love that it's sickening! I mean that in a good way, of course. I cannot wait to see their wedding and see Debra Jo Rupp guest star as Wanda's mom! Love these two!

Overall this episode wasn't that enjoyable. It doesn't matter to me if Wade slept with that woman or not, the damage has already been done.


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Isn't obvious, that non talented Stephanie Savage stepped in for this episode and the result was this mayhem - Just look what happened in S6 on Gossip Girl for Christ sake, I swear that moronic woman could ruin a sunset.


Ok I loved the flash mob zombie dance, it was to funny, weird too, that is that couple. I agree that this show first a doctor show right? Poor Wade, I know he did not sleep with that girl because he loves Zoe but he is going to be pissed with Zoe when she has a hard time believing him when he says that he did nothing with that women and once again Zoe will be apologizing…boring. I am not ready for Wade to break up with Zoe but they need some more chemistry again! How was she not be supportive when she told him the truth about his lead singer? I would think that would show how much she really cares and wants him to succeed. I like that next weeks preview shows George confronting Wade about leaving with someone who was not Zoe, I think it show how much George cares about her. I am reluctantly getting a little tired of this show, I am not going to stop watching but I am a little board!


I did like this episode. However, when it ended I felt so sad. Clearly Wade does not feel like he ultimately has enough to offer Zoe long term. Wade sees himself as the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who ultimately never wins. Zoe however could be more supportive and put him first more often. I miss the bantering these two shared in season 1. They have so much chemistry together and I do hope that things will work out for them long term. I also that the wedding proposal was genious.


its has nothing to do with being a doctor anymore. its all being in a relationship all the time. I thought it was about being a doctor


I'm glad I'm not the only one who hated this episode and is about ready to stop watching the show. It was so good after xmas and now the writers have completely demolished the fun and joy and left me wishing I had done something else instead. For a while I was smiling when the show ended and I need that in my life. If it keeps going the direction it is now, it will get cancelled and no one will be sorry.


I think Wade's behavior WAS in character - to an extent. He has low self-esteem and a history of sabotaging himself when he thinks he doesn't deserve something better. That said, the nature of his reaction and how quickly it happened was not at all well-developed. He loves Zoe whether he'd admit it or not. He's been growing both as a boyfriend and as a person. To revert that quickly? With so little provocation? After he had been complaining about her not doing the very thing that set him off? Once again, this show gives me character whiplash within a single episode. Not much else to say, because this was a poorly written episode with everyone acting stupidly. This whole show lately, and W/Z in particular, has been all about manufactured drama, as I like to call it. It's really starting to lose me. And possibly will completely the very next time a song and dance number begins. For the eight millionth time, this is not Glee.


My heart broke for Wade, he thinks he is not worth rooting for. The look on his face when Zoe gave him the Wade's Place sign said it all. He is a good man who has shown a lot of growth this season, but still feels he's not good enough. I REALLY hope he didn't sleep with the woman he left with. I love Wade and Zoe, they are opposites who definitely attract and that makes for great storytelling. I love watching the journey.

Sarah silva

The best part was Tom and Wanda.

Sarah silva

I was about to give up on this show a few times last year but kept watching and up until this episode I really liked this season. However if Wade sleeps with that girl, I am done!
Last episode Wade told Zoe he wanted to be serious this time about opening his bar. This week he got upset when Zoe (like most of us) knew that Meatball would ruin their chances to win the money Wade wanted, he got upset and said she did not believe in him. Then when she gave him the sign and proved she did believe in him, he got upset and turned back into the Wade I do not like! URGH!
I can see why Walk brke up with Lemon BUT I also think he was silly to break up with her. He was fine spending every waking hour with her and came back to Bluebell when the Bachelor Party was over and he agreed to see Lemon the next couple nights too but then when she mentioned Christmas that scared him off?!
Lavon really likes Annabeth but I do not see them ever getting together.
The best part of the show was the flash mob proposal!


The series is getting really cornball now. The writers are going for the teen viewers and forgetting the adult. Won't make it out if this season unless they stop it and go back to original premise.

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