Hart of Dixie Review: The Disappointment

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In "The Gambler," Hart of Dixie fans witnessed the most amount of drama we have seen on Hart of Dixie Season 2.

And I can honestly say this was my least favorite episode of the entire series. Not because it was dramatic - but because everyone was out of character.  Prepare for a short review, in fact, as I don't have many nice things to say about tonight.

Tom and Wanda Engagement

Let me begin with the main storyline of Wade and Zoe. Can we have one episode where they are not having relationship problems?!? I mean, it seems that all they do is fight and then make up in some adorable way in the end. If all they were going to do was disagree and apologize, then why put them together in the first place? Their relationship seems more negative than a positive at this point. 

Secondly, after all of the character growth that Wade has made this season, all it took was the second half of one episode to throw it down the drain. Did Zoe push too far? Maybe. But in the end all she wanted was for him to be able to follow his dream. Wade's reaction? Getting drunk, ruining the set, having a pity party for himself and then leaving with another woman. What the hell is that all about? Seriously? After how far he's come to be a better person, the writers throw all away just like that?

Such a disappointment. If you're going to break them up, you don't have to sacrifice maturity to do so. Wade is better than that - it almost feels like a slap in the face to those fans who adore the guy. 

Moving on to Lemon... Just like Wade, she was way out of character tonight. The "new" Lemon that has been developing would have forgiven Annabeth by now because she is above being childish. I thought she was headed to being a strong, independent woman? It saddens me to see my favorite character act like such a child and hold a grudge like she is. 

Another character who seemed out of it was Annabeth. Yes, she has always been VERY loyal to Lemon and their friendship but the moment she decided to be with Lavon was the moment her character changed. She made a grown up decision, now it's time to deal with the consequences. I knew that this was going to happen unfortunately. In the end, I really hope that Lemon and her resolve their issues and find happiness.

The only part I enjoyed was Tom and Wanda. Let's all be real honest - these two are the most adorable couple on Earth. Fake or not, I want to go to this wedding! They are so in love that it's sickening! I mean that in a good way, of course. I cannot wait to see their wedding and see Debra Jo Rupp guest star as Wanda's mom! Love these two!

Overall this episode wasn't that enjoyable. It doesn't matter to me if Wade slept with that woman or not, the damage has already been done.


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George a good guy who takes to hard of a beating from everyone glad to see him stand up to Tansie didnt like her before dont like her now. Wade a biopolar mess that he creates himself. Lemon I dont even know what to say here she needs to spend more time on her own relationships and stay out of everyone elses. AB and Lavon both deserve to be happy. Lemon didnt want Lavon wouldnt let him be happy with Ruby (who I happy see go) Its unreal how Lemon feels her choices are justified and everyone else should just go along with it. Time for AB to pick Lavon and let Lemon go she wasnt a good friend from the start.


There were parts I liked, and parts I didn't. Wade has to start believing in himself. The look on his face when Zoe gave him the sign was sad, touched, and raw all at the same time. Wanda and Tom are awesome! Loved seeing Earl and Dash in the zombie dance! I really like George and Tansy..I think they are great for eachother, and I can actually see Tansy and Zoe becoming friends. I didn't like the ending...Wade leaving with another women did seem out of character,even though Zade hasn't said those three little words to eachother..we know they do. I noticed that this was one of the first episodes that didn't end with Wade and Zoe together, and that made me sad.
I'm really hoping for a third season, and happy ending for Zade


(continued) if Zoe ends up picking between George and Wade at all which might not happen.


I just finished watching the episode. It wasn't as bad as I expected to be after reading this review. It was a bit depressing though. I felt for Wade because his poor decisions aren't made out of malice but because the guy doubts himself too much. He still doesn't think he is good enough for Zoe and I believe he will sincerely regret the decisions he made that night. If HoD survives long enough to give us several more seasons, I think there will be the inevitable break-up between Zoe and Wade, possibly a hook up or relationship between Zoe and George, and Wade learning from his mistakes to mature and open his own bar while trying to win Zoe back. That is how I see things playing out on HoD. Will the endgame for the writers be Zoe and Wade? I think they will try their best to keep us guessing but my gut feels that if the writers are given enough time and seasons, they will give what most of the viewers want and we will see either Zoe and Wade together at the end of the series if Zoe ends up picking between Wade and George at all.


Wow! I did not have the same reaction. I thought it was a good show. People are not perfect. Even when you're moving toward a personal change does not mean that there are not relapses to old habits, especially under stress. I think Wade freaked out. He felt that not only was his new bar at risk but also his relationship with Zoe. I think (and hope) that even though Wade left with that other woman, he did not sleep with her. As for Lemon, she is a very black and white person so it would be hard for her to forgive any transgression. I don't think it's unrealistic for her to take some time to process her hurt. However, I hope for their friendship's sake, she does forgive AB sooner rather than later. The longer a breach festers, the harder it becomes to mend. I just have to give props to the writers for continuing to write realistic characters who are multifaceted. Also how awesome was the zombie proposal scene. Loved it.


Agree with Caroline, this was a needed development. Wade still has a lot of growing up to do. Feels a lot like Sweet Home Alabama. I feel like he needs to get off his @ss and do something to better himself. He never apologized to Zoe for all the mean things he did to her before and she's apologizing every episode. Ready for her to catch a break, be a doctor and have Wade really work to better himself AND win her back. In the meantime, pls bring back Justin Hartley!


never actually saw them as a couple. I like the idea of Lavon and Lemon, but I also think Lavon and AB are cute. So I'll just go where the writers take us and enjoy every episode as they come. I really love Hart of Dixie and hope there will be a third season.


I don't agree at all! I thought this was a good episode. May be it didn't all go the way viewers would want it to go. But isn't that just the point about a TV show? I was on the point of my chair watching this episode. I think the writing was totally consistant. From the start of the Zoe and Wade relationship Wade's problem was there for all to see. His self doubt and self destructiveness was always there. Zoe giving him the sign for his bar was just the trigger to get him over the edge. This was totally in character and inevitable to happen eventually. Although I felt sad for him it made me excited too. I think Wade will get there eventually I am sure of that and I look forward to see his journey.
Wade and Zoe always had a rocky relationship and it is fun while it lasts. I am curious to see what's next for all the couples. I like George and Tansy immensely, but would also love to see George and Zoe. We don't actually know how they would be. We don't know if they are boring, because we never saw them as an actual couple. I like the idea of Lemon and Lavon, but Lavon and AB look great too. So I'll just go where the writers take us and enjoy the episodes as they come. I really enjoy Hart of Dixie every single week :)


I don't think he cheated! I think the writers of course want you to think this. it's all about getting the fans riled up and more people watching the show. I still am a Zade shipper!


Wow. I haven't watched this episode yet (plan to do it later tonight) but I won't have high expectations for this one. Seriously, there is a possibility that Wade cheated on Zoe?! The writers have jumped the shark or they just wanted to throw the George fans a bone. Wade has a past as a player but cheating on Zoe is so out of character for him. He fought for Zoe the entire first season and has done a great job of being a supportive boyfriend season 2. Now all of that character growth is down the drain? There are more Wade fans than George fans. If the writers continue to do this the show will end up cancelled, no doubt about that. People will just stop watching.

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