Kyle Chandler Cast as Lead in The Vatican

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Score! Kyle Chandler is on his way back to television.

The beloved former Friday Night Lights star will headline Showtime's The Vatican, a drama directed by Ridley Scott and set against the backdrop of the modern day Catholic Church.

Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights

Chandler will portray Cardinal Thomas Duffy on the series, the Archbishop of New York whose teachings are especially progressive and troubling to many in the Church.

He will be joined by Matthew Goode and Sebastian Koch as Papal Secretary Bernd Koch and Cardinal Marco Malerba, respectively.

“Kyle Chandler is one of the most talented and sought-after actors working today,“ said Showtime president David Nevins in a statement. “With Kyle, Matthew Goode and Sebastian Koch, Ridley and Paul have put together a powerhouse cast to anchor this incredibly timely show.”

Altogether now: Clear eyes, full hearts, Showtime can't lose!

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Love Kyle Chandler!! I also watched him as Gary Hobson religiously on Early Edition:)


I watched Early Edition and the re-runs and also caught up with it again on You Tube. Anything with Kyle in it, I watch.


Wow! I remember Early Edition, Person of Interest uses a similar concept..


Early Edition was awesome!!


Am I the only one that watched Kyle Chandler religiously as Gary Hobson on Early Edition?


Sounds very interesting! Always a pleasure to watch Couch Taylor and perhaps being showtime there will be a tad less pressure regarding ratings/cancellations and all that crap.


Brilliant actor, though not sure how gripping the concept of the series will be.