Lost Girl Review: There's No Just Right

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Oh la la! There was a lot of heat on "Fae-de to Black."

If there's one thing that Bo and Lauren have going for them, it's that they have spent plenty of time between the sheets since they became a couple. They love each other and have great sex. The problem for their relationship is that it's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears - there's no "just right." The succubus and human relationship is a tenuous one, as shown after their intense love making: Lauren was drained and Bo was not fulfilled to her body's needs.

Bo & Dyson

The situation for Bo became dire after she was injured. She barely had enough energy to stand up, let alone to heal herself. What is a succubus to do? Bo grew up living a "human" life and wants desperately to be in a monogamous relationship, but that goes against her nature. While it's a difficult situation to be in, Bo did the right thing by letting Dyson heal her. In that moment, he was her best option to protect her life, plus she was unaware that he has his love back.

If she would have known the truth, it would have been an entirely different conversation for two reasons:

  1. She would have known that it meant something to him beyond just a physical interaction.
  2. She would have considered her feelings for Dyson.

As it is now, she's with Lauren, but she also believes there is no possible future for her and him. Regardless of her love for Lauren, when she finds outs the truth about Dyson, she will have to address it.

Bo confirmed that she still had feelings for Dyson after she healed him and said she couldn't be with him any more. It was too "hurtful" for her and for Lauren. While Bo cannot be monogamous, she wants to do right by Lauren. The conversation between Bo and Lauren was painful to watch. The fact that Lauren can't satisfy Bo is excruciating for the doctor and while she understands clinically why, it doesn't make it any easier.

Unless they find a human-to-Fae or Fae-to-human conversion spell, it's an unfortunate obstacle they will have to overcome. With them both agreeing that Dyson is off-limits, who will Bo feed from? Even though Lauren has said she is agreeable to Bo feeding outside their relationship, it is sure to be a source of conflict for the couple whether they want it to be or not.

The case-of-the-week fit well with the relationship troubles that Bo had to address. It allowed her to acknowledge that she needed to be true to herself, just as Dyson realized he needed to let the wolf out more often. Now that Bo has closed the door on Dyson, will he move on with his partner, Tamsin? They were headed off to have some fun and looked likely to get into some trouble. A romance there would certainly add spice to the show. Though, it's unlikely he would commit to her, just like he couldn't commit to Ciara. Though, they could have fun together.

While Dyson and Bo were off solving the case, Kenzi was left alone with a problem of her own. She was brushed off not only by Bo, but also Hale. Now that he is the Ash, he has responsibilities and Kenzi's disregard for his job is unfortunate. She's always been a free spirit, but perhaps it's time for her to grow up a bit. Though, maybe the arm rash is causing her problem? Why didn't she go to Trick? He actually would be better suited to help her any way.

In the end, something horrible happened to Kenzi. Her arm was disintegrating and she was swept away on the street. Hale and Bo certainly will feel guilt over blowing her off now that she has gone missing.

Overall, this was an enjoyable episode. Bo's feeding issue was handled well with Dyson helping heal her and with Lauren understanding her need to feed outside the relationship. Going forward, Bo and Lauren are going to be walking a tightrope. It won't be easy for Lauren to know that Bo is with others, while Bo will have to be careful about who she chooses as a feeding partner. 

My one complaint is that we went another episode without seeing Bo and Lauren just being with each other. It's difficult to see that they have love and not only lust for each other when we see them primarily in the bedroom, making goo-goo eyes at each other, or Lauren talking about weird science stuff. I'd like to see them go out on a date, have a meal, have a drink at the Dal, something ... anything non-sexual together. So far, we haven't seen a well-rounded relationship and if it is primarily a sexual one, Bo going outside it to feed will be a bigger problem than if there is more there.

Will Lauren be able to accept Bo feeding off others? Or will it eat away at her? Was Kenzi's abduction related to her rash? Dyson and Tamsin: Yay or nay? 


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It's funny that Lauren fans refuse to admit that Bo could still have feelings for Dyson. They just want to be in denial.
Kylie - you are 100% correct. People need to chill out! It's just a freaking show for crying out loud! One thing - Kenzi wasn't swept away on the street. Some dark shadow thing came out of her when she fell.
I also wondered why she didn't go to Trick or Dyson? She was being really disrespectful to Hale.


Personally, I agree with Carla 100%! Lauren and Bo have a connection but whenever I are them
Together I just think - here they go again sexy time! Atleast with Dyson and Bo - there was a physical connection but they also have/had a great friendship connection and enjoy the company of eachother. I hope Dyson and Bo get the chance to test out there relationship once more. P.S. I think everyone is valid to there own opinions therefore saying things like Carla not watching the same show and not to expect anything different is very disrespectful just because get opinion isn't your opinion! Feel free to say you disagree but no need to be so vicious! We are all Lost Girl Fanatics here :)


hmmm really Carla. Back in season 1 when Bo was all over Dyson in almost every scene it was all good then right? Bo and lauren do other things than have sex and if you would stop to notice, you would see how playful they are in the after glow. they way they cuddle with each other. When Dyson was with Bo he wanted her to be with ONLY him even though he KNEW she was depleting him and he coupln't sustain her. Lauren is at least supportive of Bo's need to feed outside thier bed, NO GUILT. She gets Bo is a succubus, by nature that means she must be with multiple bed partners. She's trusting Bo's love her for. ANd for the record. BO said it was hurtful to LAUREN. Not that it was hurtful to her. But until Bo hears he has his love back, until she rejects him, I suppose everyone will keep saying this relationship is OK, BUT... Bo loves Lauren. maybe the doc can't sustain her body, BUT HER HEART IS SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT>


''"So far, we haven't seen a well-rounded relationship and if it is primarily a sexual one, Bo going outside it to feed will be a bigger problem than if there is more there."
What? Just what show have you been watching? '' Come on, this is Carla's tvfanatic review! We all know she has no idea what she's talking about, this shouldn't shock you anymore!


"So far, we haven't seen a well-rounded relationship and if it is primarily a sexual one, Bo going outside it to feed will be a bigger problem than if there is more there."
What? Just what show have you been watching?

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