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There were big changes and accusations on "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight," as a lot of feathers got ruffled. While Rayna felt powerless, Juliette tried wielding some power of her own with unintended results. A break in the tour couldn't have come at a better time.

I hate to say it, but Juliette is proving just how young she is by making changes to her tour in the middle of it. It's great that she wants to grow up and alter the focus of her music. There will be time for that. Including her new song into her current tour as a preview of what's to come is a brilliant marketing ploy and gives fans the chance to ease gently into the new Juliette Barnes.

Rayna's Old Pal

With all the pushing and pulling Glenn and Juliette were doing, they never had a real conversation about why he disagreed with her decision to change things up. Might it be because her fans, her current fans, bought tickets to see a pop-tart country singer wearing sequined dresses and singing bubble gum hits? If I were her manager, that would be the advice I'd give her.

I'd also coach her and tell her how brilliant her acoustic set was, to include at least one new song into every tour stop and pick maybe three "special dates" where tickets haven't been sold yet to showcase her new material so fans know what they're buying. I'd imagine an acoustic-based concert will gather more fans of the Rayna Jaymes generation (which only months ago Juliette found unworthy of her talents) than the teeny-bopper set that is probably buying up the other half of the tour tickets. I could be wrong, but it's a hunch.

Remember at the beginning of the season when everyone wanted so desperately to believe Teddy never cheated on Rayna? Bastard! Not only did he admit to cheating, he was stupid enough to talk about it out loud within earshot of his children. The way he pushed Rayna to tell the kids the minute she arrived home was disheartening, and it gave her no time to process what was happening. It's not surprising that he cheated and embezzled because he appears to have no foresight at all.

Teddy's entire future is enmeshed with the family of Rayna Jaymes. He is the father of her children and his political career can be bulldozed by one push of a button from the hand of Lamar Wyatt. He's gotten pretty cocky having his lover by his side, but she's already proven to be fairly unsteady on her feet. What will it take to push her over the edge again? And is he willing to be the one to put her there?

Everybody was able to read Rayna, including Juliette. Deacon reacted to the missed cue on stage and offered his hand to her, but she knew if she opened up to him, she would break. She wasn't ready to go there yet. Instead, she took the road less traveled and the "guy with no strings attached" (check out the Nashville quotes section for the full line) and spent a night out drinking and dancing with Liam.

It was pretty handy that he just so happened to be in town when she needed him, and I liked how Liam was there for her, even if his motives weren't always clean. Are anybody's? Even though it was pretty obvious he was going to hit on her, and that she would probably take him up on it, I didn't expect her to crack in the bathroom.

It was really great that she chose Liam to confide in, because he had the same experience in childhood that her own kids were going to have, and she needed to hear what it would do to them. It would hurt like hell while it happened, but when they looked back on it, it could be one of the best moments of their lives. Rayna will have to hold onto that as she faces them.

It was interesting that Deacon didn't find any similarity between his evening with Juliette and Rayna's with Liam, but immediately jumped to the conclusion that Rayna was in some way intimate with Liam instead. If Rayna had seen him get into Juliette's truck and then get out of the elevator, would he have appreciated the same conclusions on her part? He knows her so well - and yet not at all.

Avery spent the hour regretting his decision to sign with Dominic. It's a damn shame that I don't care. They've made it really difficult to like him, or believe in him. Jonathan Jackson is cute as hell, and performs well on Nashville, but he got that bum part as Avery. It's possible being involved with Hailey could turn the tides for his character, but it's going to be a rough road. Even when Avery was practically begging to be heard about the musical choices not matching his talent, essentially saying he was being set up to fail, it was hard to feel for him.

There were moments when I was on the fence with Avery and thought he would fall on the good side of being the bad boy, but then he made such crappy choices. Sure, he was excited and driven by the idea of making money, but there just weren't enough good times to balance out the bad. Yet. I'll hold out hope for him. He has $100,000 now, though, and that will probably tip the scales against him

I'm not sure about the Gunnar and Scarlett story, especially with Jason back in town. Rayna wants to sign theme to her new label, but with Jason and his gun hanging around they're bound to get themselves in trouble. I liked that Jason finally told Scarlett about his past and really dug the eggs Jason made for him. I'm going to give those a try this weekend.

Things are starting to happen in Nashville Season 1. Chat about it in the comments!


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I love Nashville. I sure do hope that it is picked up for season 2. I will be so bummed if it isn't. I am so glad that Rayna's oldest daughter heard her Dad talking to Peggy and I am glad that Rayna didn't go there with Liam. She is still in the right. She can get Teddy for adultery now on top of the embesselment. Although I think her Daddy will end up taking care of Teddy since he has all of the dirt on him. I think they know Teddy is cheating on her.
Juliette,is a mess. Maybe Deacon can teach her some more lessons in humanity. He seems to have helped with her Mom and he keeps giving her words of wisdom that hopefully she will listen to. I don't like her because she comes across as a spoiled brat, but I think somewhere inside there is a half decent person.
Can't stand Avery. I love Scarlett and her partner. I hope his brother doesn't screw everything up. Connie Britt was on the Katie Show today along with Reba McEntyre and Chris Young. Reba was saying how much they all like Nashville because it really reflects what goes on and plus it shows all of the scenery and clubs.


Scarlett and Gunnar are obviously in the regrettable position of playing second fiddle to the two leads, Juliette and Rayna. In that position, I'm not sure if it's possible for them to escape from semi-obscurity, even though there duo (OK trio w/brother) was the musical highlight of the night. I really like their duets, especially when they're on the softer side and her voice is a stand out...period! I literally gasped when I saw the gun in Jason's bag as I had been lulled into believing (again) that he had changed and was on the right side of the tracks. I really wanted Scarlett to put her foot down and refuse to harbor a fugitive from justice, but after that sob story and jaw-dropping revelation, what could she do but say yes? Yet another reason why that talented duo is going to be kept down and out, and this time I bet it's going to be the kind of trouble that just won't go away. Now, what was with Rayna missing her cue? Was she having a panic attack? Pining for her husband and family or what? That lost me, and Deacon has no right to get up in her face about anything, though I'm thin king that will sort it self out soon enough (and the sooner the better), but how's Liam going to react? He needs to be played like a fiddle to make sure he sticks around to produce her new album, so Rayna has her hands full in more ways than one. I was thinking the other day that Rayna really should have been played by Faith Hill, right? Not that I don't like this gal, but it just feels like Faith though I'm sure the likelihood of her accepting the role would have been slim to none? Well, we got two weeks to mull all this over. Let's see how Smash fares in comparison...


Kinda disappointing...the Liam bit was upsetting in a way...We know Rayna is suffering enormously but Liam is tacky as hell, and way out of her league and just no where near the person that Deacon it was disheartening to see her even be tempted...but HEY she is only human...
DO not understand why she did not tell Deacon about the divorce...he was her closest 'friend' and former lover for the past 20 years...he is devoted to her...but I guess if she told him it would have to force her to deal with him and her submerged feelings for him...
Avery is the most boring and irritating character ever...enuf of that story...they should eliminate it entirely...
What happened to LAMAR...bring that evil Daddy back...he is a fabulous actor and adds spice to any scene...
Rayna appeared stronger initially at the beginning of the series...she appeared to be a woman of great integrity, and now she seems to have lost her way...I hope Maddy confession will give her the gumption to deal with weak as hell Teddy AND to have the courage to deal with Deacon, and her feelings for him...but yes can't wait to have Deacon find out about Maddie...fireworks here they come...
Deacon needs to become famous in his own is an unequal relationship and that is the problem..I wish Callie would suddenly throw Deacon into great fame, and put Rayna in the shadow a bit, and ALSO introduce another woman who has the hots for Deacon, and really gives rainy a run for her money, and gets her to reveal her jealousy of anyone to tries to take Deacon from her...right now it is a relationship off balance...


...more than he is worth! Scarlet - still attracting trouble. That girl is a trouble magnet! Overall, not as great as the hype for it teased - and am also bugged that the next new episode is two weeks out. It's February! Whatever happened to sweeps?


It's funny - last week I thought it would be spicy if she got a little something going with Liam - but this week, I was glad that she didn't go there. If and when she does get together with Deacon, it will make it easier to NOT have gone there with Liam. Although do you suppose Deacon is still indulging Juliette in her whims? If so, he has NO room to condemn her for hanging out with Liam! I thought it was interesting that her older daughter is the one who heard the phone convo with her father and his mistress. This sets her up nicely to be against her dad, and to subsequently find out that she is actually Deacon's kid. Juliette - that girl is just a hot mess all over the place. Talk about bad judgment! And the problem with her is that she doesn't consider other people's feelings. Her manager needed to back off a bit and talk TO her and not just at her. She needs to realize that there is a reason artists hire managers! Avery - meh. Still can't stand him, and think $100K was WAY too much to offer him for what he's brought to the table so far. Scarlet is getting run over - again - this time by Gunnar and his brother. That girl just attracts trouble everywhere! Overall - it wasn't as huge as it promised to be in the teaser - and I don't know why they have to skip the next eppie out 2 wks again! It's February, people! What happened to sweeps?

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