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Zoey: It wouldn't be fair to make you choose.
Gunner: What are you saying?
Zoey: I'm choosing for you.

To all the men out there, just remember we're [women] never trying to take anything away from you. There's plenty of sunshine for all of us.


Just so you know, I deferred Harvard.


Here's the thing, we're not gonna be just like them. I'm not my father, and you're not your mother. Okay? We're us, and we got this.


I'm gonna love my child, unconditionally. No matter how many choices he or she makes I don't understand.


The only reason your album went gold is 'cause I proposed to you on the day you released it. You said you'd never take what was mine. Well you just did.


Don't let that joker or anybody else take tonight away from you [Sadie]. You're here. It's because you deserve to be here.


Yes, situationally it is, but if you're talking about verbal irony, which is the use of words to express the opposite of their literal meaning, and I believe that's what you're attempting to do right now, then no, no it's not.


Avery: How is she [Juliette], really?
Emily: She's sad. Scared.
Avery: I'm scared too.

You know before all of this, I hadn't really experienced anything. No highs or lows. Just a lot of in the middle. I guess I have you to thank for changing all of that. It's hurt, but it gave me a voice.


Juliette: You think he's [Rolling Stone journalist] gonna write me as a hormonal head-case?
Rayna: Probably.
Juliette: Great.

Hey! You've got time for press, you damn well better have time for me.

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Nashville Quotes

I'm a real bastard I know it.


Will: How you like my new look?
Scarlett: Where's the bachelorette party?