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"There's the Door" featured several characters making important decisions about their future - but none as history making as Rex's decision to step out of the closet. 

Does Dani Choose Matt?

I enjoyed how the episode showed so many aspects of Rex's big announcement. From the reaction of the home office to the hiring of a PR firm to coordinate everything from when the team should be told to the first public interviews, Rex's news was the equivalent of planning for war. 

One of the best scenes was Rex coming out to TK over dinner. TK's first reaction was humor, of course, as he asked in this Necessary Roughness quotes

I just hope you don't think that this is like a date, date. | permalink

But his second was indignation. Rex turned his back on TK when he asked for his support after getting out of rehab. TK had the right to be angry.

In the end, TK's better nature came out. He couldn't stand back in that locker room and listen to Toes try and intimidate his entire team. TK stepped up but nothing was better than him throwing his arm around Rex at the end of the game. As he explained, Rex was about to be the most talked about player in football...and TK was going to have his picture right next to his. 

TK's a good guy, but he's not an idiot. After months in the background ,he saw a way to support his teammate and get some time in the spotlight.

Did anyone else notice that Dani hesitated a bit last week when she told Matt she wanted "to spend the rest of my days loving…you."

Okay, maybe I'm reaching because I'm Team Nico but this back and forth between Dani and Matt has me dizzy. The one I really felt sorry for was Noelle. Just when she told him she wanted more and thought they were on the same page, Matt pulled back and played relationship sabotage. 

When Matt called her "the woman I'm sleeping with," she realized that that was all she was to him.  

I couldn't help but hope that Dani would react to Nico's announcement that he was taking a job in Dallas. Instead he got to see Dani and Matt kissing on the field. I'm sure that wasn't the reaction he was hoping for either.

The side plot of RayJay and Juliet made me realize that being a therapist and being a mom are two very different roles. If Dani had stepped back, she would have seen that taking a hard line with RayJay would only push him right into Juliet's arms. Unfortunately, she reacted like a mother instead and now RayJay's on a plane to Paris.

Although I understood Dani's concern, I couldn't blame RayJay for taking the leap. He's got a beautiful, rich, slightly older woman interested in him. She's offering employment and asking him to run around Paris with her. What 18-year old could possibly resist that?

With Necessary Roughness season 2 at a close, I was curious as to the FBI's interest in Nico but I'm more concerned with Noelle's news.

Will she tell Matt? I can't imagine she'd want to give him a second chance if all he's interested in is her baby making abilities. Will she have the child…or not? And once the news of her pregnancy breaks, because you know it will, where will that leave Matt and Dani?

With all these questions left unanswered, summer and Necessary Roughness season 3 can't get here fast enough.


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You write very well!


I am a team Dani/Nico. Her eyes sparkle when she looks at him, and he looks like he could eat her alive. I know he's a so-called bad boy, but he loves her, and would be good to her and for her. She is coming to the realization that she has deep feelings for him too. Now that there is hope for the two of them, PLEASE don't disappoint me, and make him disappear or something.


absolute rubbish, if therapists behaved as Dani does they would have lost their license a long time ago!


Bill, I don't agree with you, I see more depth with Nico than with Matt. Matt seems fickle and Nico, despite his bad boy image, has more humanity in him. He seems to stick with the people he cares for through thick and thin. He seems to be a more live and let live person and I'll help you no matter what you did without judgment. I sure hope they don't take him off the show. I was very happy when Noelle's test was positive. I means that there is a chance for Nico and Dani. :)


Hi Christine, I must admit I'm not thrilled with some of Matt's behavior lately, especially his initial reaction to Dani's heartfelt confession that she wants to spend her life with him and have more children, if that's what HE wants (bad decision, Dani). It was cold of him to shoot her down like that, no matter how frustrated he was by her timing. Bad decision. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic and wish that Matt and Dani could be together without either having to make sacrifice who they are to do so. But that may be impossible. Of course, we don't know where Nico stands on kids. He may feel the same way that Matt does. I agree that Nico has had Dani's back, but I'm still not convinced they are compatible long term. In the real world, Dani would be smart to keep her love life separate from work. Those two worlds often clash and the effect can be devastating.


We often make the mistake of thinking that we can love only one person, this is not true. You can love many times and many different ways, you have to choose which way is best for you. Dani needs to take the leap and invest in Nico, she instinctively knows that once he is in its all or nothing. There road is a long one but it is the epic one.


Why do we like Nico, many say its because he is mysterious, brooding, a bad boy. One he is not that mysterious or bad, we know who the love of his life was, military background and that he was something like a second in command to Marshall Pittman "right hand". I know more about Nico than I know about Matt. I like him for Dani because he is a fixer, the sacrificer, he puts himself before others, he loved Marshall enough to step aside because Marshall needed his wife more than Nico. He stayed by Marshall's side because Marshall needed him and then his daughter needed him. Dani is also a fixer, she spent twenty years as the housewife and mother while going to school, she supports her quirky family's bad habits even when it hits home and makes a living of straightening out peoples' lives. Nico and Dani fit. This doesn't mean that Matt is the bad guy, it just means that he isn't the right guy. Dani's choice is not between good or bad but between two really good guys which is always harder. We often make the mistake of thinking that we can love only one person, this is not true. You can love many times and many different ways, you have to choose which way is best for you. Dani needs to take the leap and invest in Nico, she instinctively knows that once he is in its all or nothing. Their road is a long one but it is an epic one.


Team Nico Team Matt, this is not Twilight, let's take an honest look at these two relationships. Matt is a nice guy, ambitious, loving and thoughtful. That doesn't mean he is meant for Dani. The problem that people have with Matt and Dani is that she is living and has lived the life that he wants in the future. Dani is finished raising children but she has not finished raising teenagers/adults which everyone knows is probably the most crucial time of a person's life, if only Juliette Pittman had parents who raised her instead of letting her fly off the handle. I am going to go with the Dani's first instincts, no more babies. She's more afraid of losing LOVE, she 's older she doesn't believe that this opportunity will come around for her again. The honeymoon phase wears thin, reality sets in and it is preferably to have someone who is going the same direction as you to make a marriage work.


Hi Bill, Yes, I am definitely female but I actually didn't like Nico at first because of his bad boy image. I rooted for Matt & Dani most of season 1. Since then, I've had 2 problems with their relationship. First, I honestly don't believe Dani wants to have more kids. She's lived that life & she's never been enthusiastic about starting over. She's scared of losing Matt but I don't think that's a good enough reason to have a child. Second, we've seen more of Matt's selfish side both at work & in his relationships (TK, Noelle, Dani). We're all flawed but in the long term I think this will come out more rather than less. For all of Nico's bad boy image he frequently puts his efforts into helping others, specifically those he cares about & that makes him a pretty good guy in my eyes. As a viewer, Nico is the more interesting, mysterious character & I think if he & Dani get together there's far more to explore story wise than if she settles down with Matt. Just my 2 cents as a fan & reviewer.


Matt is a good guy but Nicco is definitely more interesting. The idea of Dani choosing Matt and having babies is lame. I hope she finally figures out what she needs and realizes Nicco understands her better.

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