Necessary Roughness Review: Live Your Truth

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"There's the Door" featured several characters making important decisions about their future - but none as history making as Rex's decision to step out of the closet. 

Does Dani Choose Matt?

I enjoyed how the episode showed so many aspects of Rex's big announcement. From the reaction of the home office to the hiring of a PR firm to coordinate everything from when the team should be told to the first public interviews, Rex's news was the equivalent of planning for war. 

One of the best scenes was Rex coming out to TK over dinner. TK's first reaction was humor, of course, as he asked in this Necessary Roughness quotes

I just hope you don't think that this is like a date, date. | permalink

But his second was indignation. Rex turned his back on TK when he asked for his support after getting out of rehab. TK had the right to be angry.

In the end, TK's better nature came out. He couldn't stand back in that locker room and listen to Toes try and intimidate his entire team. TK stepped up but nothing was better than him throwing his arm around Rex at the end of the game. As he explained, Rex was about to be the most talked about player in football...and TK was going to have his picture right next to his. 

TK's a good guy, but he's not an idiot. After months in the background ,he saw a way to support his teammate and get some time in the spotlight.

Did anyone else notice that Dani hesitated a bit last week when she told Matt she wanted "to spend the rest of my days loving…you."

Okay, maybe I'm reaching because I'm Team Nico but this back and forth between Dani and Matt has me dizzy. The one I really felt sorry for was Noelle. Just when she told him she wanted more and thought they were on the same page, Matt pulled back and played relationship sabotage. 

When Matt called her "the woman I'm sleeping with," she realized that that was all she was to him.  

I couldn't help but hope that Dani would react to Nico's announcement that he was taking a job in Dallas. Instead he got to see Dani and Matt kissing on the field. I'm sure that wasn't the reaction he was hoping for either.

The side plot of RayJay and Juliet made me realize that being a therapist and being a mom are two very different roles. If Dani had stepped back, she would have seen that taking a hard line with RayJay would only push him right into Juliet's arms. Unfortunately, she reacted like a mother instead and now RayJay's on a plane to Paris.

Although I understood Dani's concern, I couldn't blame RayJay for taking the leap. He's got a beautiful, rich, slightly older woman interested in him. She's offering employment and asking him to run around Paris with her. What 18-year old could possibly resist that?

With Necessary Roughness season 2 at a close, I was curious as to the FBI's interest in Nico but I'm more concerned with Noelle's news.

Will she tell Matt? I can't imagine she'd want to give him a second chance if all he's interested in is her baby making abilities. Will she have the child…or not? And once the news of her pregnancy breaks, because you know it will, where will that leave Matt and Dani?

With all these questions left unanswered, summer and Necessary Roughness season 3 can't get here fast enough.


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Plus - I think Dani just may want another baby. Matt laid that out there that he def wants kids. And she's on board!


Despite Bill's bad-boy theory, I think a fair number of women are on TeamNico because Matt has a 5 minute attention span when it comes to women! He's been in 3 different relationships (Laura/Dani/Noelle) and quits at the first bump in the road. Nico has been there every time Dani needed him. And, yeah, he's much more interesting. Amen to all the comments about Ray Jay being annoying. Keep him in Paris for awhile......


I think the Feds want to talk to Nico about Juliette, who just fled to Paris. He said he would not help her anymore, but he will do everything he can to help Ray J. Not just for Dani, but and because didn’t see Juliette involving Ray J in her mess before it was too late. Whatever he does, it will say something about who he is. Both Matt and Nico are good, but flawed, men. Matt has a lot to offer, but regular puts himself ahead of others. The way he treated Noelle after the leak, for example; he’s also done that with Dani. Nico operates in the grey, but I think he mostly just finds the bad boy image useful . He always helps people --Marshall, Juliette, TK, Dani. He’ll switch his focus to Dani and her needs without hesitation. He also knows how to get her out of her own head and respects when she doesn’t need or want help. I think those are the reasons she is scared of him because she’s not had that before.


Matt annoys me, he seems too fickle to me. The chemistry between him and Dani isn't even lukewarm. Now the chemistry between Nico and Dani is smokin' hot. I think Matt will "accidentally" find out about the baby. I think Dani is very attracted to Nico, so much so she is scared of just how attracted she is to him. I think Nico loves her though. Summer won't come fast enough. I'm in no hurry LOL It's nearly Springtime and I'm ready to enjoy it!


I want Dani with Matt! They are adorable together! And he loves her kiddos! I sort of enjoyed watcing the men get all jealous and such and stand up taller around each other bc they're both "into" her....but, hey, let's see if she and Matt will work out.


I completely love Dani & Matt - I was so mad that they broke up. But on that note, not happy about the pregnancy subplot. I am not fond of the actress that plays Noelle. I really didn't think that Matt was too serious about her, especially after he called her the "woman he was sleeping with." he should have known better than to get involved with a nosy reporter. It looks like I am in the minority here, but like I said, I am happy they got back together, even with this looming.
Nico + FBI looks like big trouble. I wonder what's gonna happen. Season 3 seems like its an eternity away. :(
RayJay - this child is going to be so abused by the spoiled girl.
I do feel bad for Nico though, he wanted Dani to give him a reason to stay, and she didn't. I think in the back of his mind, he always knew that she wanted Matt. When does season 3 start?


Before I read this review, I looked to see if it was written by a man or a woman. Because I knew that if the writer was a female,(which I assume you are, Christine)there was no doubt she would want Dani to choose Nico. And I was right. Nico is the guy with the rough edges, the mafioso looks, the bad boy. He may not exactly be the best marrying material, but that's what makes him so hot,right? The fact that Dani has something special with Matt, something that could last a life time,and that he has a great connection with her kids is just so boring and not sexy enough for most of the female fans of the show. Women don't want that kind of relationship,IMO or at least they certainly don't fantasize about it. In the fantasy world of TV Land, good guys definitely do finish last. It's truly sickening that so many women would have been thrilled with that stale outcome (Dani jumping in the sack with the bad boy), but again, not surprising. Actually, if Dani was smart she probably wouldn't date either Matt or Nico. Office relationships tend to end in disaster most of the time. I think there is a lot of truth to the old saying, "Never get your money and honey from the same place."


I'm over Matt. His growth as a character this season was good - for him, but not for him with Dani. Would rather see her with Nico.


I enjoyed the dialoq with Rex and TK at dinner. TK had humor, then concern as to why Rex wasn't attracted to him, then anger when asked to support Rex, but he (TK) received no support when he returned from rehab. TK was solid as he stood up for his team mate pointing out that all of them had some type of issue in their personal off field life. Whether, it was waving guns around, women or being addicts. Toes is childish and immature. Did anyone else notice how Toes tried to high five TK after the winning touchdown and TK walked away to find Rex? Good job. Matt and Noelle should make their relationship work. SHe really needs to tell him about the baby. Dani and Nico have a chemistry that she doesn't have with Matt. I am Team Nico all the way! Looking forward to Season 3!


JUST FED UP WITH MATT AND DANI. GET OVER HIM! Why does she even want him? Poor Nico who is actually a decent human being.
I cannot wait to see what happens when that idiot finds out that he finally got his wish, and he will have a child just with someone else. Why does the FBI want Nico? Bet it has something to do with Marshall or the other things only Nico somehow knows.
Ray Jay, yea if this wasn't a TV show, I would suggest five across the eyes, because he just annoys me. I thought he was the so called good child but geez he annoys me more and more each episode.
TK: Just an absolute Star!!

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