Once Upon a Time Considering Mad Hatter Recast, Spinoff

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Unexpected and potentially excited news tonight out of ABC and Once Upon a Time:

According to Deadline sources, the series will bring back the Mad Hatter for an episode later in Season 2.

HOWEVER, the role would be recast because the network is considering a spinoff involving the character and Sebastian Stan is unavailable for such a commitment.

Sebastian Stan on Once Upon a Time

The Mad Hatter grew into one of the show's more popular recurring players during his handful of appearances, but it's hard not to wonder if that was due to the character or Stan's portrayal of him.

Would a new actor catch on in the same fashion? Enough to build an entire series around him?

Insiders say the new actor would be brought on as a guest star with a series option in the contract, similar to deals made with Emile de Ravin and Meghan Ory.

So what do you think, Once Upon a Time fanatics? Can you imagine anyone other than Stan as the Hatter? Would you want to see such a spinoff? And which actor would you cast in it?

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Stan is the best Mad Hatter. I do not think the spinoff should happen without him. I am more concerned with Season 3 of ONCE UPON A TIME.


I love Sebastian Stan and I think he does such a great job with the Mad Hatter that it would be difficult to imagine the role without him. It's a shame, since I would like him back on weekly television


It was Stan all the way! He played it so well and I was always more excited when there was an episode with him in it. He's also very nice to look at. Recasting a role in television is reserved for long running daytime soap operas, not a Primetime TV show with so much more depth to it. The Hatter had a larger role, but it still doesn't give enough material for a spin-off series. If he's such a popular character, he should be given regular appearances, not necessarily a whole series. I'm only assuming that that is the reason for the idea in the first place. If they go through with it, it would be failure on so many levels.


And that is why no UK Sherlock Holmes, Watson was in the Hobbit and Sherlock is the Villian in Star Trek.. they are waiting till both are free to do S3 of Sherlock. That is the UK though, they will wait for their stars, however highly doubtful the US will.


@Summer I would asume the reason for a recast is simply Stan is a busy guy. Filming for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (and he's Winter Soldier) begins soon if it hasn't already and Marvel kees its actors busy. Josh Dallas couldn't reprise his role in Thor because of his commitment to OUAT. It sems to be nearly impossible for actors to do a tv series and still act in films. Aidan Turner from the UK version of Being Human had to quit that show to be in The Hobbit.


For me the reason for the recast would play a role (pun not intended) into whether I'd be accepting of this.


Nooo, Sebastian Stan is perfect for that role!! They really shouldn't bother making a spin-off with another actor because it's really hard to top Sebastian's performance in my eyes.


That's like wanting to spin-off Rumpelstiltskin but not use Robert Carlyle. Exactly my opinion. Doing a spin-off without Sebastian Stan would be a big mistake!!




NO, NO, NO! I would ruin the character for me. If they want to do a series about the Mad Hatter fine, but don't cast anyone else on the show in the role Sebastian Stan portrayed so well. HE made the character. I completely agree with all of you guys like Megan said, Stan's portrayal would be tainted and so would the show. I have always hated when shows recasted characters, I would rather they kill them off instead.


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