Once Upon a Time Considering Mad Hatter Recast, Spinoff

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Unexpected and potentially excited news tonight out of ABC and Once Upon a Time:

According to Deadline sources, the series will bring back the Mad Hatter for an episode later in Season 2.

HOWEVER, the role would be recast because the network is considering a spinoff involving the character and Sebastian Stan is unavailable for such a commitment.

Sebastian Stan on Once Upon a Time

The Mad Hatter grew into one of the show's more popular recurring players during his handful of appearances, but it's hard not to wonder if that was due to the character or Stan's portrayal of him.

Would a new actor catch on in the same fashion? Enough to build an entire series around him?

Insiders say the new actor would be brought on as a guest star with a series option in the contract, similar to deals made with Emile de Ravin and Meghan Ory.

So what do you think, Once Upon a Time fanatics? Can you imagine anyone other than Stan as the Hatter? Would you want to see such a spinoff? And which actor would you cast in it?

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no no no no
the reason i fell in love with the character was the way Stan portrayed him. the vulnerability he brought to the character, the charm, the boyish naiveté. not to mention that he is just gorgeous without being overly glamored up and he is a really good actor. there is simply no one else for the role! period!
and any how, the show is only in it's second season, isn't it way too early for spin-offs?


Just no. It's too early for a spin off and how can they do it without the actor who portrays the character? The character is as popular as he is because of Sebastian Stan. Would they had enough material to carry on a show based soley on the Mad Hatter?


It would ruin the show. I hate when people do that if he cant do it than wait till he can or don't do it at all. it makes it look like they can't control their own tv show when people do recast.


If Stan wasn't playing the Mad Hatter not only would the spin-off be ruined but his portrayl on the show would be forever tainted and i DO NOT WANT THAT! I love his portrayl of the mad hatter and have watched each episode he has been in hundreds of times.. They can't recast it I won't allow it


I think Stan made a perfect portrail for the character, i wouldn´t like to see anybody else doing it.


The appeal was definitely because of Stan's portrayal of the character, not JUST the character. Bad idea. That's like wanting to spin-off Rumpelstiltskin but not use Robert Carlyle.


Umm,the appeal was in Sebastian Stan's amazing performance. I'd say that's a definite no on recasting and spinning off.


Dan Stevens or Ryan Seacrest?


I can't see anyone else playing the role especially walking the line between good guy and potential evil master manipulator (because I love Hook but he is more damaged goods who is consumed by rage). And seriously a spin off? Maybe they realized there is too much going on Ouat but have all this disney owned stuff but lets not stretch it too far. They just need to figure out Alice and they have enough of that world covered.


I don't know....I think that a lot of the appeal had to do with the actor and how he portrayed the character.


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