Once Upon a Time Trailer: No One is Safe

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Once Upon a Time answered a major question on this week's "Manhattan." Who is Baelfire?

But now that father and son have been reunited, will they actually have time to get to know each other?

The following ABC trailer for OUAT's return on March 3 teases that "no one is safe," as Mary Margaret makes it her mission to find Rumplestiltskin's's dagger before Cora and Regina can take possession and enact their evil plan.

Yes, it's showdown many fans have been waiting for. Watch the network promo now for "The Queen is Dead."

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They won't kill Rumple. That would be the most stupid thing ever. I have a question: Regina told Hook that he could pass the townline because he (as well as Cora and daughter) never was under the spell. But Rumple remembered his fairytale-self, so he wasn't cursed either? Was he?
Just asking becauce I was wondering why he needed the potion to get out of Storybrooke then.


OMG !!! they HAVE to save Rumple.....the show must have Rumple....if they need someone to die make it Cora


Oh no, Rumple! Emma and Bae have to save him.


Noooo !!!!!!! Not Rumplee!! They better find a way to save him ! U can do it Neil !!


Rumple!!!! First time ever (besides Chuck series finale) that a promo has made me cry! :'(

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