Warehouse 13 Return Date, New Time Slot Announced

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Can they save Artie?

That's the question that will be at the center of Warehouse 13 Season 4 when this Syfy hit returns this spring with its 10 remaining episodes.

And it will do so in a new time slot: Mondays at 10 p.m. starting on April 29, following Defiance.

The first new episode, titled "The Living and the Dead," will pick up with Saul having infected the world with the Black Orchid Artifact's fatal virus, forcing the team to race to stop it from spreading, while simultaneously dealing with its symptoms.

Watch a Syfy teaser now for a look ahead:

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One day I was just flipping channels & I happened across warehouse 13 purely accident, so I watched it & my wife & I thought it was great. We set dvr to record all new shows & then the season ended we have been waiting for the next season to begin, so I need to know when season 4 begins. It is now sept 9 so it has to be close. I'm not good on computer so I thought this would be the best way to find out. Thank you


I would like to put forth, that currently, syfy dot com has the mid season premier up and ready to be viewed!
I watched it just two days so and boy was I fantastic! It sets up a lot! Of course I will not post what happened, just give out that if you choose to, you can watch it now. Mods, can you make a new post about it being up now?!


Looks great but when isn't warehouse 13 great.

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