Body of Proof Review: Hot Faces of Philadelphia

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"Fallen Angel" showed us just how hot Kate could be when paired with the right partner.

In Body of Proof season 2, I hated Kate with Megan's ex Tod. I never felt any chemistry between them and I always believed that Kate could do much better.

Kate's Handsome Stranger

In walked Sergei. He had it all. The handsome face, the body, the sexy accent and the dangerous mystique. The two quickly ended up between the sheets in some very racy bedroom scenes. And between Sergei in a towel and Kate in some fabulous lingerie, there was plenty of eye candy to go around.

But Kate's love life quickly took a turn for the worse as she lamented to Megan in this Body of Proof quote

Kate: The first guy I like turns out to be a murderer.
Megan: Maybe a multiple murderer. | permalink

Leave it to Megan to be supportive.

The opening scenes of that poor girl crawling in the alley after being shot were agonizing. She'd been through so much and fought so hard. To have her bleed out in an alley was thoroughly depressing. When we saw Sergei standing over her I honestly thought he was the bad guy.

Thankfully I was wrong. Sergei turned out not only to be handsome, but also a hero who risked himself to save the girls caught up in the sex trafficking ring and ultimately Oksana's child. It was too bad he wasn't sticking around a little longer, but then again I don't see how a soldier for hire fits in to Kate's future political aspirations. That could get very messy.

With Kate and Sergei taking the spotlight, there wasn't much room for anyone else. Megan and Tommy took more of a back seat this week, although I couldn't believe Tommy was willing to send Kate back into that hotel room. 

I sided with Megan on that one. If Sergei had been a trained killer, the risk was far too great. I won't even bother to point out the illegality of replanting evidence since they were all obviously willing to look the other way.

This was the second episode I felt we didn't get nearly enough Curtis and Ethan. I hope the next installment remedies that situation. I miss these boys in action. 

I haven't been the biggest fan of Kate's political aspirations this season, so this story line reminded me how likable this character can truly be. Let's hope we get to see more soon.


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I know this is completely out of the topic, but Kate is so hot in her underwear set. Does anyone know what brand and style that is????
Thank you in advance.


I cried in this episode. :)


The plot line was excellent. The presentation was stupid. The expectations
at the end of story left room for more. Try being a little more real with
the characters and you may have a winning "Castle" or "Moonlighting"
on your hands.

Avatar wrote, "hey Jerry what's wrong with you...the raunchy scene with her made the episode even better." Well, Glen, I guess we have different standards. I don't care for sleaze in my living room.


How hot was Kate....hey Jerry what's wrong with you...the raunchy scene with her made the episode even better....this was one of body of proofs bets episodes....I agree does Megan have to be such a bitch?


I love the new interest with Kate. Never liked Megan's exhusband with Kate! Bravo Sergi!


I watch Body of Proof, but it is definitely WAY down on my favorites list. I can't stand the way Dana's character, Megan, is written. No one should be like that in the work place, totally inappropriate behavior toward coworkers and supervisors. She's also pretty awful with her own mother. Can't they make her smart without making her a b*tch?


Many changes since last year: GOOD: Kate is more vulnerable, Lacey is sweeter. BAD: Megan is nastier, Kate is less professional, Ethan and
Curtis are hardly seen. NEUTRAL: The new cop is okay. IN ADDITION: I don't like Kate running for office. Are they writing her out of the show?


Didn't like the racy/raunchy bedroom scene. Changed the channel; won't be back.


Kate and Sergei now that was hot! I knew he was a badass but not a bad guy. I was thinking girl that was killed my have been his sister. Where do we get honey vodka? I knew killer was momma when I first saw her. The girl that was killed did not look 8 1/2 months pregnant to me???!!! Loved just hearing Sergei talk!

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