Colton Haynes Promoted to Series Regular on Arrow

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Just when you thought the Arrow cast could not get any hotter...

The CW hit has promoted former Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes to series regular status for the remainder of Season 1. He debuted on February 20 as Roy Harper, a new love interest for Willa Holland's Thea.

Colton Haynes on Arrow

Arrow returns with new episodes on March 20 and, at some point, fans can expect Haynes' Harper to transition to his superhero persona, Speedy.

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this is great! i'm glad Colton Haynes has found a place thats welcomed him after teen wolf. This Arrow cast though ca not get any better. Although i wish they treated the guest stars a little better and made them more badss.


yes...i really wished he would stick around...i'm so happy right now!

Philly ace

Does this mean Roy Harper will be Speedy? Thea's middle name is Dearden as in Mia Dearden (the other Speedy in the comics). IDK? Maybe Roy will be Red Arrow and Thea will be Speedy.


That was rather fast. I wonder if that means they'll be pushing out a(n original) series regular by seasons end.

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