Isaiah Washington Joins Cast of CW Pilot

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Isaiah Washington has booked his return to television.

Six years after departing Grey's Anatomy in controversial fashion (he referred to costar T.R. Knight by a homophobic slur), the actor has joined the cast of The CW's The 100.

Isaiah Washington: Back to Work

The series is based on a series of Kass Morgan novels and is set nearly a century into the future, following the destruction of civilization via nuclear war. With all human beings now residing in a space station, 100 juvenile delinquents will be set back to the planet to see if it can be saved.

Washington will portray Jaha, the leader of that space station.

The impressive pilot cast also includes Henry Ian Cusick, Bob Morley, Eli Goree, Marie Avgeropoulos and Eliza Taylor.

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I'm looking forward to his returning. After he left and the tv relationship with him and Sandra Oh was over, I lost interest in Grey's. I think he's a terrific actor and hope that the show is a success. I look forward to watching. I miss him on my TV.


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I hope he won't let his issues get in the way of his considerable talent again.
Once he was off the show, Heigl and Knight weren't talented enough to seize the day so it really was a loss. Grey's became much less interesting to watch.


Sorry Matt but you're misremembering this controversy. Isaiah Washington was arguing with Patrick Dempsey over the delays he had caused in filming that day and said he wasn't M.Dempsey's -insert homophobic slur- and shouldn't have to wait around if the other couldn't be bothered to show up ready for filming. T.R. Knight heard of the incident and was offended. He apparently hadn't come out yet but nonetheless saw it as a slur against himself and when Washington ignored his complaints on the grounds that he wasn't the one being argued with, Knight decided to air his grievances in public with Katherine Heigl siding with him.
A less charitable person might point out that, at the time, Washington and Sandra Oh were eclipsing even the official stars of the show Pompei and Dempsey and more so Heigl and Knight and that his departure in disgrace resolved that problem.But, then again, Washington had a drinking problem and was insensitive, and unprofessional, at least on the set that day.I hope he won't let his issues get in the way of his talent this time.


I remember this story about Isaiah Washington. I don't care about his slur. Dumb-arse excuse for whatever happened to him if you ask me (I don't watch Grey's). I don't know why anyone would call this cast "impressive". I don't have a clue who any of these people are. This show is going to tank.

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