Once Upon a Time Clips: Revenge and Rewind

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This Sunday on Once Upon a Time, Regina will have something in common with ABC counterpart Emily Thorne: she'll be all about revenge.

The series, meanwhile, will treat viewers to a unique rewind on "Welcome to Storybrooke," taking us back to when the curse first hit in 1983 and giving us a glimpse at when Mary Margaret first lay eyes on a comatose David. Watch the scene now for yourself:

In present day, meanwhile, Regina will set her sights on her new sworn enemy. In this sneak peek, she tells Gold all about it, as the two bond over Cora's dead body:

Finally, check out the following clip to see Gold then take this warning and pass it along to Emma and company. Will he stand up and defend Mary Margaret? He is known for repaying his debts, after all...

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regina feared and loathed her mother for what she had done to her love. how could she even fathom forgiving her mother and allowing her back into her life. how pathetic and weak of character is regina truly that she did not stand up to her mother. if i my mother had done to me what regina's mother did to her, i would never have taken her back. regina is a fool, she had a chance to make amends and emma was willing to meet her halfway, but regina is a lost cause, i dont know if there is any coming back for her, eventually she will have to die, is she does not change her evil ways. henry is pure of heart and he will never love evil regina.


i have hated regina from day one, she has been an evil bitch from the start. and even if i did feel sorry for her once i had a better understanding of the person she was made into because of her evil mother's actions she did not let up in order for us to give her the benefit of the doubt that she had changed. how can she expect to love henry when she cant even show mercy or love to anyone else. is she really that deluded to think that to kill the people he loves that he will love her then, only if she used magic on him, and even then it wont be real.


I just love Rumple's and Regina's relationship. In the last episode, when she blamed Gold half-hearted that he did some kind of spell and still seemed to want some kind of advice from him ... and now this you may hide behind your dagger ... I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think all of this underlines the love-hate between them and makes both characters even more interesting.


How is Revenge by the way? I been too busy watching OUAT. :)


Is this the same Emily Thorne that hasn't actually enacted any Revenge at all this season, and why bring up Revenge in video that has nothing to do with the show Revenge.


Emily Thorne is the queen if revenge Regina maybe good but she can never top Emily Thorne.

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