Once Upon a Time Review: The Blackened Heart

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According to Regina, a blackened heart will only get worse as it begins to destroy itself from the inside out. I suppose she would know.

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"Welcome to Storybrooke" was one of the odder episodes in the series, as all the characters were in a dark place and no one seemed to know what came next. I wasn't crazy about the time jumps, yet they did give us a glimpse of what the first days in Storybrooke were like at the beginning of the curse.

Storybrooke past… Regina's first weeks in Storybrooke weren't exactly what she expected. She was looking for her own happy ending but when every man and woman in the town acquiesced to her wishes, she found it very unsatisfying. 

Although I wasn't a fan of the Groundhog's Day aspect of the story, it did offer some very entertaining moments, such as Ruby and Granny's argument outside of the diner. Remember back in Once Upon a Time Season 1 when Ruby wore those incredibly tight, skimpy outfits?  

Granny's Once Upon a Time quote was perfect when she told Ruby…

When I put over easy on the menu I was talking about the eggs. | permalink

Granny always did have the sharpest tongue in Storybrooke.

Then there was the reappearance of the much mourned Sheriff Graham. It's always great to see a handsome man back in town, even if we had to go back in time to get it. 

But what the heck was up with Regina talking to his heart? Are those things like glowing walkie talkies?

Owen was great when Regina told him he was sitting in her seat. He looked at her as though she had lost her mind. Somebody had definitely been a queen for far too long if she was bullying a little kid for a chair.  

It had been so long since anyone had given Regina a gift without expecting anything in return that the gesture when straight to her heart. Unfortunately, hers was so twisted by loneliness that her reaction was to imprison the boy's father in order to keep Owen in Storybrooke.

My question was: after she let Owen go, why didn't Regina let the father go too? If they couldn't find Storybrooke again once they left, what was the point of holding him?

Storybrooke's present…  I would have thought that Cora's death would make things better in Storybrooke. If anything, I believe they've gotten worse.

Regina was obsessed with vengeance and Mary Margaret was consumed with guilt and, as usual, poor Henry got caught in the middle. 

I did love it when Emma looked at Neal as though he were an idiot when he completely missed that Henry was making a run for it. At least the kid gets it honestly. The ability to run must be in his genes.

Henry had a good plan. He just couldn't execute it quickly enough. And how sad was it that he had to convince Regina that an empty heart spell would never lead to true happiness?

Later, Mary Margaret looked so desolate as she showed up on Regina's doorstep. She just wanted it all to be over but Regina wasn't about to make it that easy. Just when I thought she was going to lock Mary Margaret's heart away, she saw the black mark in the center.

Has she truly become Mary Margaret now? Can we call her Snow White if she's no longer pure as snow? And will the blackness continue to take over her heart?

Just when I was wondering why the heck Greg was even still in town, I figured it out.  And then the big reveal confirmed my suspicions. Greg was Owen, still searching for his father, decades later.

Is Kurt still alive? Will Mary Margaret's dark side destroy her own family? Will Rumple choose sides are continue to play both ends? What was your take on this unique Once Upon a Time?


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@bored now what did you mean by archie's case?


I have pretty much loved every story line so far but this whole Black hearted Snow is a far stretch. Snow did one wrong thing, she's never been evil or even had malicious thoughts. I will reserve my judgement on this story line but I really prefer a kick ass Snow to the mulling wretch she was.
I'm hoping next weeks episode will be better especially when we find out what Neal's girlfriend really wants and if people's suspicions of her being a character from the Peter Pan universe.
The promo makes it seem that she is there to steal the magic but I know that isn't exactly the story.

Spindae 2o

a "filler" episode!
The Father&Son story! hmmmm There is our possessive evil queen Regina. Regina going all bad ass on that child was a bit to much! But look at her, she couldn't stop. She just wanted love. *But how did regina cast the spell to cloak Storybrook!? no magic! Today's event! hmmmm ! Really don't know what happened there. The writers wanted to do so much here, and the only good part was Snow and Regina final scene. Ginnifer is so perfect in her acting, her pain, her tears so real! Give her every award there is she deserves it!
Rumble was a jack ass! I get his indifference but come on! It is his grand Son and he should enjoy the time with Neal and Henry. or Belle. Ethan aka Owen! hmm it will be amazing to see him and regina crash! Could there be Love for the 2 of them!?


Regina's character seems even more redeemable than Rumples
-l doubt she killed Greg's father
Snow will eventually go dark right now shes still crying and sad soon enough her heart will completely go dark. This show is one of my favourite's l'm simply glued to the story
l love everything about it
Although l find Henry annoying Regina and Emma need to ground the kid
-At least hes the only one who can get through to Regina. Regina letting Snow live works out for her she gets to watch Snow destroy herself and gets Henry back - Gina's smart.


Well the flashback was not great as I expected but it did lead to why Greg is here. I cannot wait for dark snow to resurface. I knew that Henry will be able to stop Regina. I was ticked that Emma said and bad people because what makes her better then Regina.


amazing as usual i loved the back story always wondered how it did all come together they were like robots thank god emma came


Blew me away. When Gold or Regina does something, it's because they decided to do it -- but when Snow White manipulates Regina into murdering her mother, she was tricked into it? I suppose Emma didn't want to tell Henry that his grandmother was a murderer, but it sounded a little glib after 'We should tell him the truth'. And Snow looking at her heart and saying "What did you do to it?" Hello? Still expecting to be pure of heart after murder? I'm beginning to see why North Americans weren't interested in retaining connections with royalty: it appears to involve brain death.
Possibly Regina did let Owen's father go and that's how they discovered that if you crossed the town line you lost your memory?


I actually liked the groundhog day thing...I always wondered how it worked and it appeared to change only in response to Regina's actions. I wonder if once Rumple remembered more things changed. I too only put 2 and 2 together about Greg right when Owen was yelling he'd keep looking. That was a funny scene between Emma and Neal (and brownie points to Emma for seeing a way around the magic of it all). this plan will still not get regina what she wants..so Snow refuses to go back which deepens the rift between her and David, she drives Emma away somehow, because of this Emma refuses to let go of her anger at Neal, he leaves it still doesn't separate Emma and Henry or Neal and Henry. Hey, I guess Neal's fiancee is a bad guy and August is being punished for his lies by still being wood...way to use your budget OUaT.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

But what the heck was up with Regina talking to his heart? Are those things like glowing walkie talkies?
That's the "control" aspect. Cora did the same with Aurora's heart.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

On other hand - the parallels are fascinating. Snow is going through what Both Rumple and Regina did - crisis of conscience - remorse. But Remorse does not always lead to redemption(like it did in Archie's case). remorse can be self-destructive force, fueling one's hatred as well as one's darkest qualities. What's worse, GETTING OVER IT can be even worse - because then the very act you felt guilty about seems smaller and smaller, and more and more justified(just like gold emphasized) I loved everything else in this episode but all the stuff about snow in this is just so damn fascinating.

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