Taylor Swift to Appear on New Girl Season Finale

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One of the world's biggest artists has signed on for one of television's funniest shows.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Taylor Swift will play a role on the New Girl Season 2 finale. In what capacity? Consider yourself spoiler warned and read on for the answer...

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The artist will portray an "important guest" at the wedding of Cece and Shivrang, network sources confirm.

The episode will air on May 14 and, for the sake of Schmidt, let's hope these two never make it all the way down the aisle.

Swift has acted on the big screen in Valentine's Day, hosted Saturday Night Live and also appeared on an episode of CSI.

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Ew. Not excited about this guest. At. All.




agree with each one of you below


I just got less excited for the season finale


I am on longer excited for the Finale of New Girl... New Girl can do so much better.


I don't like her acting... I hate it when famous people get roles even if there are more (less known) talented people out there.


So much for me looking forward to the finale....Taylor Swift? Really? WHY? Such viewer bait...

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