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.. not the way I wanted this novel/show to go! I have been (ridiculously) pining for Will and Alicia since the first, tortuously drawn-out teasers were thrown our way.

I ain't gonna watch no more if The Good Wife goes back to her Not So Good In My Eyes Husband.. sigh.

as if.
cares !

silly how we get attached..
think of the hours it will SAVE me- give me back- from the t.v. screen! yay, there's that!

silver lining vs silver screen

but it was fun while it lasted



my thoughts exactly! Peter has been doing a lot to win Alicia back, not to mention that he actually went to jail, lost his carrier in the beginning he didn't know that he will get it all back. so she saw him punished. then he really did run a clean campaign and didn't compromise when it came to the right way and the wrong way. he really loves his children and when Alicia threw him out the second time he didn't blame it on her with kids, he actually told them the truth. and many more occasions not to mention him telling his mother off about interfering.

but for some reason, just as you said i still didn't want them together. i was okay with her forgiving him but i didn't want them to be back together.


The footage of Matthew getting shot getting shot is the same footage that was on the news a couple of months ago. The way it went down was the same, except trade out Matthew.


"your mother was very adventures, when she was your age, she liked the bad boys". Two month pregnant???? Could Will be the father of Zack????


Just for clarification, Alicia did NOT turn down Peter's invitation for a date, she accepted it. Peter asked her to dinner, she asked whether that would be a date. He said that that'd be a date and then she said yes to that date. But we haven't seen them on a date, though that's another issue.

Also, I don't agree reviewer's point that Peter didn't do anything (or much) to win Alicia back. I believe he has been trying hard and perhaps the writing wasn't as smooth but it was always clear to me there were much needed efforts on Peter's end. That being said I never wanted Alicia to forgive Peter.

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