The Vampire Diaries Return Trailer: Is She Gone?

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The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus until April 18.

But, man, did "American Gothic" leave viewers with a number of questions until then:

  • Can Katherine be trusted?
  • How will The Originals deal with the cure?
  • Will Klaus and Caroline take their new friendship to a new level?
  • What will Silas do next?
  • And is Elena really gone?

That appears to be the case in the following CW promo, as the Mystic Falls prom is upon us, but Elena isn't exactly in the mood to celebrate with Damon. Watch now and try to figure out what you'll do over the next few Thursday nights:

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this triangle is giving me a headache.. dear god Julie just KILL it. NO one is interested anymore. Just go let Damon and Elena be together and Stefan find someone new ! Im sick of Elena.


Do we know for certain that Klaus won't return to MF after the Spin-off has started? Because if that happens, I'll be done with the Vampire Diaries... the triangle sucks, most characters are boring (and Rebekah and Elijah will also move to the Spin-off) and no storyline in the last episodes caught my interest. Right now I'm watching because of Klaus, his siblings and Caroline, Elena is nothing more than a Katherine 2.0 while Damon and Stefan are whining together.


@kjo: I agree so much with you. The Love Triangle just doesn't work at all. I mean it has been drawn out for 4 seasons. Something new, please! To Klaroline: They are great together, but Klaus is leaving for the spin-off and Caroline stays in MF - I don't see a future. And it sucks to have the tension and the good scences, when you know that it will only last for a couple of episodes more :-( To Elena: She doesn't feel like Elena at all. There is no piece of her to identify yourself with. So I, as the audience, can't relate and therefore I don't care at all about her. Oh, and has anybody noticed that the producers stole Silas from "Buffy"? He is like the fist evil of season 7. That's not really creative. And I think that the first evil was so much better than Silas is at the moment...


For god's sake. Another hiatus? No wonder people loose interest.


Run for the hills Stefan. Elena is probably being nasty to Damon then all flirty with Stefan to make him snap. I m half way interested in Stefan and Caroline since Tyler is gone and Klaus is leaving. I thought I would never say this but Mystic Falls needs a new witch... over Bonnie!


I can't get behind Elijah and Katherine....she just isn't trustworthy in my eyes. She's been deceitful for so long, she doesn't know anything else. I much rather Elijah and Elena. But since he's going to New Orleans...

Spindae 2o

Seems like a good one! *_* ;) Let's see how this will develop!
Power Tool Bonnie seems to be on something! Hopefully she learns that snarky little bi*ch ELENA a Lesson who is the strongest!!


ughhhh seriously??? we're doing this love triangle thing AGAIN????? i'm so fed up of elena gilbert. gimme klaroline in this episode please!!! and katherine and elijah... i'm totally shipping them now.


Oh I can't believe this!!! REALLY?! We're doing this again?!?!

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