The Vampire Diaries Review: The Off Switch

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When "Elena" and "Caroline" are trending worldwide on Twitter after only the East Coast airing of The Vampire Diaries, you know it's been a wild episode! What could have happened in "Bring It On" for these two characters' names to be plastered all over social media?

For starters, Elena has completely shut off her humanity.

And FYI: she's loving every minute of it.

Elena v. Stefan

Elena with no humanity is almost identical to Katherine, so right off the bat you know she's not going to get along with Caroline. Despite Damon's attempt at using his sire bond puppet strings to control her, Elena was still running wild. She rejoined cheerleading only to end up feeding off the competition, fighting with Caroline, and letting Caroline fall from the air during a stunt. 

Next it was Stefan's turn to try and control Elena; nothing a little injection of vervain couldn't take care of! Then again isn't Stefan always taking care of Elena? Elena said it herself, it seems like Stefan spends his entire life trying to protect, control, and monitor her actions. Do you agree? Or do you side with Stefan that it's his responsibility because he brought the whole vampire lifestyle into Elena's life to begin with?

Since Sergeant Stefan had Elena grounded she threw a party at Casa Salvatore. A drunk party swarming with people made the perfect diversion for Elena to escape Stefan's ever-watchful eyes. It would've worked for a few more minutes if she didn't piss off Caroline again and throw Sheriff Forbes into a wall. Before Elena body checked Caroline's mom and called Caroline out on her nosiness and feelings for Klaus, Caroline made an excellent point. It was great to see Elena actually having fun again. 

OK so obviously Elena isn't being an upstanding pillar of society, but I'm really enjoying off-switch Elena. She's fun! She isn't whiny! Isn't that what everyone's biggest gripe about Miss Gilbert has been for the past 3 seasons? She always needed protection and everything was always centered around her. Personally I say everyone should stop trying to shove this cure down her throat and let the girl enjoy being a vampire. 

Speaking of, are we done with this cure storyline yet? Since Damon, Rebekah, Klaus, and Hayley spent the whole episode trying to track Katherine's minions for a lead to the cure, I'd say that storyline is not over. Then Stefan figured out that the lack of local blood supplies must mean that Silas is in town. If everyone else would follow Damon's attitude about the cure, the only person who might still have to worry about it is Klaus. You know Katherine is just dying to shove the cure down his throat! But hey, at least Klaus got laid right?

Life sucks when you're ordinary. And what makes you exactly not like them? You're a vampire. You take that cure and become human? You're no one, nothing. Trust me, losing this cure was the best damn thing that ever happened to you. | permalink

Damon accepts being a vampire, wants to have fun and intends to continue the party with Elena in New York. What was up with his friend Will that he ran into? Guess we'll find out more of that backstory when they hit the Big Apple. 

What did you think of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries? Do you prefer off switch Elena? Are you into the Klaus and Hayley hook up? If Matt just inherited the biggest house in town does that mean he can quit working at The Grill? Hit the comments! 


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I am really not liking Elena like this. She is just a crappy version of Katherine now. And I was really irked how she treated Caroline. Emotions or not, she has been her friend for years and she tries to kill her? Lame!


For those not being able to tell the character differance between that of Elena and Katherine. Always remember what Julie Plec said in her interview,"Elena will always tell the truth"(without her humanity she'll have no tact) "everything Katherine says is a lie."


I eagerly wait for my favorite, Caroline, to get her season 2 bad-assery back. She is my girl-crush and i know she's got it in her. There is reason to why "off-switch" Elena resembles so much of Katherine and i'm positive that at some point the writers and Dobrev will measure them both up and note their distinct difference.
side-note: Klaus/Haley match up, yeah! Good to see Klaus having some venting, and Phoebe Tonkin is just smoking hot!
That's all,
see you next week.


I loved the episode, it was so fun. However I don't like how Elena turned so manipulative. Everyone is saying(including Elena) that she's not like Katherine but the first episode after the switch is flipped she manipulates her way onto the cheer leading team to feed on vervain free people and then throws a party as a distraction for her escape... I also think this season has become obvious since we know the remaining originals survive the cure to have their own show and Silas doesn't seem like a permanent character.


Pfff, this is so predictable: Klaus will be pissed Elena is stealing his bad guy thunder and will compell her to turn the switch on again. That's it.


This was wild wild episode and I totally loved it! I just realized how much I missed TVD! And I first thing I noticed, there was no "I am Elena" speech. I was ready to hear this speech instead, "I am Elena and I don't give fuck anymore" LOL. New Elena. She ROCKS! I love her. She is kickass. Like WOW! All I wanted. And the way she blown the truth in face of everyone, yeah...I loved it! The only difference between Kat and Elena is that Kat was liar and Elena is bluntly honest! I am going to have fun watching this Elena. Please...don't turn your humanity. LOL.


I think that the whole Hayley Klaus thing makes sense if you think about it in the same terms that Damon slept with Rebecca when Sage was there. He needs information from her and she's being a stubborn a** so maybe he slept with her so that he could try to get inside her head. That's possible for werewolves right? She is just stalling as long as possible to stay alive because she probably thinks that Klaus will kill her when she's not useful anymore, or that Katherine will kill her faster with the more information she gives. Also, Klaus should hold a vendetta since she helped out with the whole hybrid massacre thing. He's very good at being manipulative even though it's not something he has to do often. Also, it was good to get more insight into Klaus, the art explanation for control was very interesting and makes sense given his character. He is constantly trying to have the most control by having his hybrid army, but at the same time is in constant fear of lacking it. He has a lot of impulse problems in the same way that Damon does, maybe even worse, because like Damon said he does things "just to be a dick."
As far as Elena, I think that she's interesting this way, but they said before that the difference between her and Katherine is that Katherine only lies and Elena only tells the truth. She was very honest this episode, but also somewhat deceitful which was what was similar to Katherine. I think that the sire bond as a compulsive force was definitely part of her emotional bond to Damon, but it doesn't mean that she still doesn't have feelings for him. And of everyone, he's the one who's not ragging on her about her actions, even if they are b*tchy. She at least appears to show some sense of emotion with Damon too, which means that if anyone is going to get her to be more human again, it's Damon. But, I will say that there relationship has lost a lot of its spark without her humanity.
I feel bad for Caroline, but considering how she's treated Delena this season, it makes sense that Elena would have pent up feelings against her that she had been holding in. She did get seriously mad at Caroline that night she told her and Bonnie that they slept together. Elena's most human trait was the way she would often hold back the truth to keep from hurting other people's feelings, so without humanity, it makes sense that she would act out her real feelings and not be concerned anymore. It also makes sense that she would beat Caroline because Caroline wasn't trying to kill her, and humanity is somewhat of a weakness for vampires. Plus in the episode where Caroline beat Damon, it was because she was really pissed off. Elena is probably really pissed off at Caroline, whereas Caroline was just hurt.
Lastly in this rant, I think it was smart that she put Stefan in his place, and he is without a doubt still doing exactly what she said was wrong before. He's obsessing over "fixing" her and Damon is able to embrace who she is in a better way.


I like how when asked in a interview about what the difference between Elena and Katherine is now Julie Plec stated something along the lines about how it's all in the eyes...yeah, right. Nina Dobrev is a good actress but all she did here was play Katherine. There is no difference. Elena to me is pretty much dead with the rest of her family. It will get interesting once they put both Katherine's together. For now, I got to say it wasn't as interesting to watch. If anything it was slightly annoying seeing the plot line sort of stall. Haley and Klaus. I saw that coming once I found out Haley was coming back. I'm a Klaus and Caroline fan but hey, the mans got to get some action some time.


This is the first time in all the years tvd has been on that I can unfortunately say I did not enjoy this episode. I found it boring, too dialogue heavy and disappointing. It didn't feel like the same show I've been watching the last 4 years, and can someone please explain to me what the heck kind of supernatural being Silas is supposed to be? If he's a vampire, and so it seems, shouldn't the hunters curse apply? Getting rid of 2 incredible and talented and major characters such as Tyler and Jeremy was a stupid move on the writers part and not necessary despite what Jp says. They have a fan base and bring a lot to the show. Really hope they conjur up a way to bring them back, and speaking of Jeremy , wouldn't the town find it odd that Elena was partying and do in so soon after her brothers death?


I just want to say i think the show is doing such a great job this season. people keep complaining about this sire bond business, and yeah it sucks that they made delena happen with the whole sire bond thing, but its obvious that delena is WAAAYYY more than the sire bond. Its constantly repeated that the sire bond happened BECAUSE of Elena's feelings for Damon. Plus, the sire bond isn't the only thing that the show is centered on, it has much more plot lines, and story lines that don't even touch the sire bond. In my opinion this has been a really good season so far, and yeah its not like season two, but that doesn't make the show bad, it just means that the show is evolving, which is what it needs to do.

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Caroline: Feeding on the competition, hello did you not hear what Damon told you?
Elena: I did but who cares? I'll do whatever I want.

She's a vampire, off switch is one of the biggest perks.