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Caroline might have been stronger but the new Elena KICKED HER AZZ...LOVE THE NEW ELENA but she needs to have some common sense or did she lose that when she lost her humanity?
C'mon bad azz is good but give her some damn common sense.


Okay. I hate that they took of Tyler like that. Made it seem like he would be back in near future. Now his return is highly unlikely. Forwood didn't even get a good ending. So we lost both Jeremy & Tyler two hotties :(

New Elena is overated & old Elena was boring she needs to be in between.

Also get a romantic vibe from Stephan & Carolin. So Tyler must come back or he'll end up losing her to either Klaus or Stephan


Ugh, no i DONT like no humanity Elena.. she's not fun, she's just bratty and annoying and I wanted to slap her throughout the entire episode.


new elena is just a wannabe katherinr


I hate the new Elena.. Less than the old one maybe, but still. She was effing annoying and I felt like slapping her throughout the whole episode.


I don't like the new Elena, I love her... Just waiting to get the hot Damon-Elena sex scene in next episode. Also I don't like the Stefan- Caroline thing. I am soo sad that Klaus is leaving. I mean I fell in love with Klaus from the start and when he started to like Caroline I loved him even more.

Klaroline is my favorite couple and they should be together. I mean Elena was right when she sad that Caroline think dirty thoughts about Klaus and she should because he is hot. And if Klaus and Caroline don't kiss soon I will freak out because I think they really should put a kiss between them and a kiss that they both will like and not him just kissing her but she kisses him back!!

I also always have been in love with Damon. And I love him so much. I mean he is bad but also have this sadness about him that makes him who he is. And Delena is a good couple that I always have loved and still do. But Damon is the character I love the most on the show and if he dies I will stop watching because the vampire diaries is nothing without Damon!!!

And then there is Stefan I have never liked Stefan and will never do. But I think he should be happy and he is happy with Caroline but I think they should be best friends like they is. I want Stefan to have some fun this next episodes. I want him to connect with another person. Human or vampire do not matter just someone new. That is fun, sexy, good and will love him for who he is.

Abou the Silas and Bonnie thing. I hope Damon and Stefan will come together and kill him. I don't like the Silas thing and when he killed Jeremy I hated him even more. I loved Jeremy and think they should have killed the other hunter instead of him. Because something is missing in the show and that is Jeremy and Bonnie together. I loved Jeremy and want him back!

As for this episode. It was okay not much happened. Like that Damon and Elena his on there way to New York and will be there the next episode will be great. I want them to get away on there trips. Because I love there trips.

Think that was all I wanted to say!


Oups, cut off.

7. According to the Sneak Peak and an Interview of Morgan, Silas is about to bring Caroline and Klaus closer. Not sure if the writers have anything else with the world's greatest evil in mind... I don't trust them much when it comes to "decent use of promising villains".


Well, this makes at least five people who didn't like last episode ;-)

1.Quote: Damon telling Rebekah to leave the cure behind. Scenes: everything Caroline and Stefan.

2.Not. One. Bit. I was so looking forward to not have a whiny wannabe-heroine any more and now we get an arrogant brat? Damon and Stefan were much more fun when they had their humanity turned off, seriously. Elena is just annoying.

3. So damn OOC, like anon said! And it was also quite painful to watch Tonkin's bad acting directly in front of Morgan's very good portrayal.

5. Caroline and Stefan aren't unlikely, I despise Klaus/Hayley (especially because I don't get why the writers want to force that werewolf on us so desperately) - so it's Damon and Rebekah.

6. I hope so. No more "plans" like getting buried in cement please.

7. According to the Sneak Peak and an Interview of Morgan, Silas is about to bring Caroline and Klaus closer. Not sure if the writers have anything else with the world's greatest evil in mind...


im sorry but I didn't like this episode much either. I dont like this Elena although Im pretty much alone in this¡ I was following a love story between Elena and Damon and now.......that´s far away¡ Besides Rebeka was just right when she told Damon he shouldnt be looking for the cure cause Elena is going back to Stefan if she takes it¡ Though im glad we didnt get to see Silas or Catherine¡ Thank you for that.


This episode SUCKED balls!!! Klaus was SO OOC this episode,I just can't..Klaus has been so unforgiving towards SO many people(remember the hybrid massacre,Ty's mom and the people he tortured and killed in season 2),his own siblings even,even Caroline wasn't spared and Tyler got the brunt of his unforgiving/ruthless nature because that's just how Klaus is as a person and then out of the blue Julie makes him do a 180 and not just sleep with Hayley but defend her as well,I mean that is SO NOT Klaus like WTF?!!! What the HELL is wrong with Julie,this season has been SO FULL of plotholes that it's not even funny,the writing has gone from bad to worse,I just can't take this show seriously anymore

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