Unlucky In Love: Our Advice for Olivia Pope

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The TV characters we love seem to have it all. They're beautiful or handsome. They have huge apartments and wear the best clothes, even when they're flat broke. But the one thing most of them can't seem to get right is love.

So that's where TV Fanatic comes in. Instead of sitting back and letting our favorite characters disastrous romantic lives make us feel better about our own, we'll offer them a little advice.

We can't promise they'll be any luckier in love, but at least we can all feel a little better having tried to help.

Starting with... Scandal's Olivia Pope.

Olivia Worries Over a Secret

Dear Olivia,

You are a smart, beautiful woman who is great at managing a scandal but lousy at dealing with your own love life. You, my dear, are the victim of forbidden love.

Fitz is drowning himself in the bottom of a bottle and blaming you for his weakness.  Yeah, the fact that you agreed to commit fraud against the American people to get him elected President has turned your white hat more than a little grey but Fitz is no choir boy either. Perhaps he's got something weighing on his own conscience, (like murdering a Supreme Court Justice in her hospital bed?)

But the reasons behind him acting like a jackass are neither here nor there. The problem is he's taking you down with him. You need to stop the decent.

For a woman who once said she doesn't believe in crying, you've certainly been spending a lot of time sobbing into your pillow.

It's time to take a step back... and hire yourself as the client! What would you tell a woman pining over a married man?

Exactly. He's married and as long as he is he will never be yours. So the next time he makes goo goo eyes at you from across a room, ignore him. And if he pulls you into another enclosed space to have a little fun, walk out and leave him there to finish the job himself.

If he's miserable with his diabolically clever but crazy wife, that's his problem. It's time to find your own happiness. Maybe take a vacation and get out of D.C.

Oh, and as far as that handsome new man in uniform goes... if it seems to good to be true it probably is. 

So, dear readers, what's your advice? Should Olivia wait and hope that Fitz comes to his senses and wants her back, or is it time to kick him to the curb?

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Something tells me that everyone who enjoys this relationship is the kind of person who also thought Twilight was a healthy romance. "Bla, bla, bla true love, bla bla" - have you ever even been in a relationship? It's supposed to be something positive, even if the circumstances aren't, at least your boyfriend shouldn't be an abusive pig. Poor, poor Twilight generation who thinks that's normal. As a self-respecting female I find it offensive that Olivia has not grown a pair and kicked this weak, whiny, spineless, abusive excuse for a man to the curb. It's embarrassing in this day and age to have a female lead be this co-dependent. Scandal was a good idea, but this ongoing nonsense with Olivia ruins it for me :/ Still watching though... for now.


I've viewed Scandal for a few months. It was fun figuring out the characters. Patsy, a family friend from Florida got me interested in Scandal. She calls every Thursday to remind me & we talk on the very-short commercials. One can not miss a minute of an episode, it is easy to miss an important part of the story. Present scenes & flash-backs took close attention to Scandal! Olivia is wonderful! So many characters make the story a not to miss show! Scandal fast became a favorite for me! Scandalous is what it is! I've got to prepare for my phone call & viewing of Scandal tonight! I love it! Olivia Pope & I are friends!


It's time for Fitz to run for President again and win on his own! Also, don't run his four term out in 6 months. Let the Fitz Liv saga go on. She Does not want to get married and live a simple life. She already told you so. She's having the difficult hurtful type of love that SHE wants.


This is a 20/20 dilemma. On one hand, Olivia and Fitz are so in love with each other, miserable without each other. The other hand and most obvious HE IS MARRIED!! And, the most watch person on the make believe world. No easier answer but in the meantime Olivia should move on for now.


I love Olitz. But, don't feel so sorry for Olivia; remember Fitz was serious about leaving Mellie twice. The first time Olivia rejected him and sent him back to Mellie. The second time Fitz rejected her over Defiance. Did Olivia every apologize to Fitz for her role in the rigging? Fitz has always doing the chancing behind Olivia; he didn't mind because he wanted her to know how much she means to him. I think it's time for Olivia to put it all out there. He really needs to know that she loved him for him not what his power could do for her. Right now, he not sure of what her intentions were; this is why I believe he ask Jake to spy on her. What he is looking for I'm not sure. Olivia needs to decide does she want to be WTF (wife to Fitz)? The first time I really saw that Olivia wanted to be with Fitz him broken her heart. When she let her Chinese wall down and says I'll wait for you she really meant it.


I'm amazed at some of the Fitz/Olivia support. These two will never truly be together if they can't find a way to have an open and honest relationship with one another. Yes, there's love but he's angry and hurt and she's miserable and alone. Being angry shouldn't be an excuse to treat Olivia badly or have her stalked! Fitz is off the rails. Maybe he'll pull it together. Maybe some day in the future he'll actually leave Mellie and be available for real love but right now he isn't and Olivia should walk away from a toxic situation and try and find her own happiness.


True love is rare. Most people unfortunately never find it. When they don't find it, they end up settling--like it's possible to interchange one love for another. Anyone who thinks that has NEVER been IN love. The heart in love is often treacherous not knowing how to handle the extreme emotions. This is where Fitz is. Even if he stays with Mellie, he will never love her. His heart belongs to Liv. Is this once in a lifetime love worth waiting for? I think so. Liv should wait for Fitz.


Dear Tv Fanatic I have ever seen a couple on tv like OLivia and Fitz . deeply and madly in love. whatever happens . Olivia and fitz are true love.
Your question is not helpful.


Fitz is her one true love. She needs to wait for him. iT IS VERY CLEAR fITZ IS HER TRUE LOVE.


THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Did you see the promo from de Oscar. Inch pouce of you is a scandal. because . SCANDAL IS OLIVIA AND fitz. Fitz is really hurt now because Olivia has been betrayed him. But this two are still crazy and madly in love. Fitz and Olivia are soulmates and fitz is the true love of Olivia. and Olivia is the true love of Fitz.

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