Body of Proof Review: It All Sounds Crazy

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"Committed " was creepy on so many levels, it's hard to know where to begin.  

From the bed check in the mental hospital to Tommy and Megan's interviews with the patients, the entire scene was downright eerie. Even scarier was that Darby appeared to be the only sane person in the bunch.

Assessing the Story

At first I was taken in by her story as much as Megan, but Tommy's voice of reason rang in my head. The girl was a mental patient. As sincere as she sounded, it could have all been a well rehearsed lie or just a crazy story she believed to be true.

About half way through I began to wonder if Darby had actually murdered her little sister... and it was sort of sickening to realize I was right. Darby turned out to be a sociopath who hated her baby sister because she seemingly got all of the attention. 

The ease with which the girl slipped from innocent victim to monstrous murderer was terrifying. Even more menacing was what she could have done to Lacy while the two were alone.

Darby's biggest mistake was pissing off Megan. As much as Megan hates being wrong, she hates being used even more. I had no doubt she would have shot Darby in the street if the girl had moved. 

The investigation could have been labeled The Tommy and Megan Show as these two bantered back and forth as they searched for their killer. Despite the macabre setting, there exchanges such as in this Body of Proof quote made me smile…

Megan: Yeah, OK. You're right.
Tommy: Say that again. I want to use it for my ringtone. | permalink

Riley definitely knew exactly what she was doing when she cornered Megan in the bathroom. She told Megan about her and Tommy's one date in the hopes of stirring up trouble. I suddenly really disliked that girl. 

Tommy and Megan make such a fun couple that it was heartbreaking to see her turn him away. How many times can she do that before he's gone for good?  

But Megan has a lot on her plate right now with her doubts about her father's suicide. It was hard to tell if Joan was simply that upset by the thought of her late husband's body being exhumed or if she actually has something to hide. I got the feeling she still hasn't told Megan the whole truth about her father's death.

When Megan asked Charlie for help, his response was just what she needed to hear…

Charlie: I trust your instincts. You tell me something's off and I'll believe you. | permalink

With everyone telling her that her speculations were far fetched, Megan once again felt like the little girl to whom no one was listening. It was nice to have someone she respected validate her feelings, messy though they may be.

The one thing I have grown tired of is Kate threatening to fire Megan every other episode. When Kate isn't focused on her career in politics, she's playing the mean boss looking to impede Megan's investigations. The character is fast becoming repetitive and boring. 

Do you think Tommy and Megan still have a chance? Will Charlie help her continue the investigation into her father's suicide? And am I reading Joan wrong or is she hiding something? So many questions left unanswered until our next Body of Proof


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I didnt have any doubt that darby was innocent, until she was in the kitchen with lacey. something there felt wrong, and even lacey seemed like she felt it. i dont think riley went in to hurt megan and tommy but to see if there was a good reason for her to cut her losses.. and im totally convined joan is hiding something, even if she didnt kill him herself.


I agree almost completely with the review. My only disagreement was with the Riley scene. My first instinct was that she was just wanting to see what was going on between them, if anything. Tommy hasn't exactly been giving her the green light lately from what we can tell, but they did go out once and apparently, Riley is very interested in him. It never hurts to know if you have competition. :) I thought Megan's comments back were rather snarky. On the whole episode, I thought it was well written. A thirty-second spot with Luke Perry was the perfect amount to keep him in the show, but not to overpower it. I also loved some of the lines Tommy had, the ringtone one mentioned above and the one about saving himself for someone special.


this creepy vibe from it you know something's up with that person. So Darby turned out to be a full blown sociopath and killed the girl ad her little sister just like I started thinking. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


Good episode. The Begining when they were interviewing the other girls and they asked the one if she knew if anyone that wanted to hurt the girl and she sad yes and the asked her who and she said me and they asked her how she did it and she sad she got her in the shower then smashed her head in unlike her last victim and they asked who that was and she said John F. Kennedy I thought that part was kind weird and funny. Darby seemed totally normal and not at all like any of the other patients and I was starting to believe her but something felt off to me she didn't do anything and nothing happened to make me start thinking this but I just started think maybe this is just all an act like maybe she's very smart but completely crazy and was actually the one that killed the girl and when she was with lacy cutting the apple I was even more sure because that was just creepy any time in a movie or show when a person has a knife and there just cutting food or something nothing bad but you get this creepy vibe from it you know something's up with that person. So Darby turned out to be a full blown sociopath and killed the girl ad her little sister just like I started thinking. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Megan: Darby seemed different than the other girls.
Tommy: Yeah, a different kind of crazy.

Trust me. I'm saving myself for someone special.