Drea de Matteo Books Return to Sons of Anarchy

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When Tara's away... Wendy will play?

TV Line reports that Drea de Matteo has signed on to reprise her role as Jax's ex and Abel's mother on Sons of Anarchy Season 6, coming on board the smash FX drama for multiple episodes this fall.

Drea de Matteo on SOA

When we left Charming at the conclusion of Sons of Anarchy Season 5, de Matteo's character was the victim of Jax's darkest deed to date, many might argue, as he injected the former junkie with drugs in order to keep her away from his children.

But with Tara now being hauled off to jail, the question will be just how prominent of a role Wendy will play in the lives of Abel and Thomas.

In other SOA casting news, both Donal Logue and Jimmy Smits will return on Season 6, which is likely to bow in September.

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SOA, Please don't make the mistake most series make and that is pulling apart the hero and heroine (as such), Jaxx and Tara. This series can stay exciting without that. Since there is so much great action, we need the romance to breathe.


I think Wendy being back will be a lot of drama for Jax & Tara. I don't think that Jax ever told Tara about sleeping with Wendy again on the night that Opie's wife Donna was killed, & Wendy just might use that to her advantage. Especially since Tara never forgot about Jax screwing the prom star Ima. Plus, if I remember right, Tara signed some papers giving Wendy custody of Abel & Thomas in case something happened to her & Jax. Tara wanted Jax to sign but the cops came & arrested Tara at the end of season 5, which was a great ending. If Wendy finds out about those papers she can use them against Jax. Maybe Jax ended his relationship with Romeo too quickly cause he probably could've gotten Tara out of jail just like he did for Bobby. There is so much to look forward to on season 6 of SOA


i believe she's gonna do some damage control in season 6 after all the events that went down on S5. once she finds out about tara oh trust me she's gonna make JAX'S LIFE A LIVING HELL! CAN SEASON 6 START RIGHT NOW!


Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Boring character and boring story. Sutter can do so much better.

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