Hart of Dixie Review: Here We Go Again

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In "The Kiss," Zoe and George tried to avoid playing Romeo and Juliet in the retelling of the Shakespeare story.

How come? So they wouldn't have to kiss and possibly rehash old feelings, of course. But obviously both of those things did, indeed, happen.

The big surprise for me tonight was the reveal that Brick lied last week when he confessed that his CAT scan came out clean.

Romeo & Juliet

Elsewhere, Lemon and Wade, not so surprisingly, fought over decisions being made about the "new" Rammer Jammer. It came as to no shock that they didn't agree on anything. The best part about this storyline was they found common in ground in an employee that neither wanted. This same employee turned out to be a great fit for the establishment.

Lavon, meanwhile, was dealing with stage fright, which was comedic to watch. But I was disappointed he didn't stutter again and fail. However, it was cute to see that having Annabeth as his "rock" cured his acting problems. I am slowly warming up to this couple. Anything to get more Annabeth, I love her character!

Zoe was avoiding George because she, like in all of Hart of Dixie season 1, has feelings for him. Sigh. I'm really not into going through this again with these two. I really do not like how they are basically the same person, i.e. the crosswords in the New York Times. What I enjoyed the most about Zoe and Wade was that they were so different and had to adjust to each other, it kept it fresh.

With George and Zoe, I see no surprise. I don't see this being a dynamic full of life and substance.

I think we all knew ultimately that this is where Hart of Dixie was leading once she started dating Wade. I know I predicted that Wade and Zoe would not last the whole season and that George and Zoe were possible endgame.

George is a great guy and Zoe deserves someone who will treat her right. Unfortunately, the writers tainted the relationship between Wade/Zoe so much that I feel it may never recover after his decisions. It's a shame too.

Moving on to the plot twist that surprised me: Brick has a brain tumor.

You know, I said in my previous Hart of Dixie review that I'd really like to find out whether or not Brick lied about it being clear. Good one, writers, even though it's dark, I really am looking forward to this plot line.

That said, Brick and Shelby are my favorite pairing on the show right now. I will go down with this ship and I truly hope she stays by his side.


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Zoe and George are deplorable people together. I don't know why they are calling Wade the bad boy when Zoe has been mean to him since day one. So what if he blew out the electricity playing his video game, before her, it was just him there doing his thing. She had no reason to be rude to him. She knew nothing about him and her first reaction was to be mean to him. I don't see why he likes her except that he was attracted to her. He did a lot of things for her since she got there and all she did was make snarky or rude remarks to him. I don't see how she is the "angel" in all this. If she got together with George, she would go back to being the stuck up, thinking she is better than everyone in the town person that she was before she came into town. Also that "stud" George is a good example of a dream man...all time nice guy to everyone. He is so great that he did the wonderful thing of dumping his fiancé after being together 15 years for another woman. And he uses what he did as a come on line to get Zoe to be with him. Because he made the grand romantic gesture of dumping the girl he spent 15 years of his life with at the altar in her wedding dress. If he wasn't in love with Lemon, he should have dumped her before the wedding day. It was a pretty heartless and selfish move on his part. The fact that Lemon still talked to him after what he did shows how good her character is and really nothing on him. That was pretty much letting him off easy after humiliating her in front of the whole town. What an AWESOME man! Maybe he and Zoe can go off into sunset together and leave all the lesser people behind. The best part is when George blames other people for what he does wrong, Like when his Dad had a heart attack because he got into a fight with him which he blamed Lemon for. Lemon was just pointing out the last few times they've been around his parents they were trying to manipulate them and diss her. She didn't state anything that wasn't already true. I don't know how they could have stayed together for 15 years if his parents were always that rude and insulting to her. Lemon has a college degree and is well educated. She was just raised to be a wife to someone by her family even though she could have gone off and done other things. Yeah lets dream of Zoe and George together and see what they have to offer the rest of the world with their awesomeness. Maybe they will become king and queen of bluebell and rule the town with their ultimate superiority. Love? These people wouldn't know what love was if it HIT them in the face like a battering ram. All their talk of love is just that...talk. I love Lemon...I love Zoe...I like Tansy...I love Zoe.... Yeah George is a real catch there. Zoe loves George...but wants to spend more time with Wade (in and out of bed). Zoe has never come out and actually said she loved Wade and she was a heck of a lot more intimate with him than she ever was with George. Yeah these two really KNOW what love is! Let's put George and Zoe together and end this show already. Putting Lemon and Wade together is just moronic. She has absolutely no sexual attraction to him whatsoever and vice versa. There are plenty of women who are attracted to Wade and Lemon is not one of them. It's like trying to get a brother and sister together for the drama. Lets end the show with Georgie Pudgie and Zoe Foolish and put us out of our misery of having to go through another love triangle with them. The end.


I actually agreed with you C ..George and Zoe have a deep love. They are sould mate but life keep getting the way. I like it that they always seem to be head toward each other so when they are actually back together they know that after all those other people they were meant for each other.


I seem to be in the minority here, but I really like George and Zoe. They seem to really care about each other. He seems to find her craziness endearing. And she seems to really like who George is as a person and want him to be happy. Wade and Zoe had great sex, but they never seemed to figure out what made each other tick. They seemed to spend most of their time trying to avoid the fact that they had no idea what they saw in each other and that when they could no longer avoid that truth, they'd have to break up. Fun, but temporary. I'd love to see George & Zoe caught in some sexy situations before they got together - not have Zoe just bounce back to unrequited feelings b/c George is someone with someone else - again.


I still don't accept or believe that Wade cheated on Zoe. He never came out and said that. I still think this is his way of trying to end it before it was way too far gone to end, because he doesn't think he's "good enough" for Zoe. Think about it. I totally expect that to be revealed right around the last episode, right about the time Zoe is at some crossroads with some other guy.


I am a Zoe/Wade shipper, and I also like George/Tansy, so when I saw the preview for this episode, I was like, "NOOOOOO!"
I really do not want Lemon and Wade to go into a romance. I like Zoe and Wade together, but I like Lemon and Lavon more than any other couple we've seen on this show. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sank, but I went down with it.
I agree that George and Zoe have zero chemistry romantically/sexually, and if they get together I will...not have a good reaction. Most people who watch this show ship Zoe and Wade anyway, so please writers, spare us the pain and just let Zoe and Wade make up already.


George and Zoe do not have the same sexual chemistry that Wade and Zoe have. I like George as a friend for Zoe. I know wade messed up but this entire series we have seen how much Wade cares about Zoe and how he would do anything for her. I haven't seen the same from George. I will be overly disappointed if George is the endgame. In the two scenes between Wade and Zoe I saw way more
Then in the rest of the episode.

Sarah silva

Dixiehart: I agree with everything you said about George.

Sarah silva

It was obvious that Brick was lying last week.
I am not impressed with Zoe pining over George again, I do not like her and George together!


I agree G&Z have NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL..why are the writers trying to shove them down our throats? To me, the writers ruined the show when they had Wade cheat.. Why can't they just let Z&W be happy! They have great GREAT chemistry. I liked George and Tansy together.. I don't like the idea of a Wade/Lemon pairing..it's weird enough they went into business together, and I hope that Lemon doesn't ruin that for Wade... I'm ticked at the CW for once again, bumping HOD next week in my area for the cubs game.. Still hoping for a season three.. if only for the judges to justify themselves..if that's possible..Ok.done venting


Oh Zoe and George got chemistry all right. Chemistry of BROTHER AND SISTER. HoD writers have been disappointing week after week since the battle of the bands episode. Didn't Zoe get her heart broken like, TWO episodes ago? She's now all hot for George? Oh please. And the way the writers try to force them together, showing how much they are alike, is really annoying and contrived. Both characters are completely uninteresting when they are together. Zoe only sparkles when she's with Wade. George sparkles when he's with any other character than Zoe.

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