Hart of Dixie Review: Here We Go Again

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In "The Kiss," Zoe and George tried to avoid playing Romeo and Juliet in the retelling of the Shakespeare story.

How come? So they wouldn't have to kiss and possibly rehash old feelings, of course. But obviously both of those things did, indeed, happen.

The big surprise for me tonight was the reveal that Brick lied last week when he confessed that his CAT scan came out clean.

Romeo & Juliet

Elsewhere, Lemon and Wade, not so surprisingly, fought over decisions being made about the "new" Rammer Jammer. It came as to no shock that they didn't agree on anything. The best part about this storyline was they found common in ground in an employee that neither wanted. This same employee turned out to be a great fit for the establishment.

Lavon, meanwhile, was dealing with stage fright, which was comedic to watch. But I was disappointed he didn't stutter again and fail. However, it was cute to see that having Annabeth as his "rock" cured his acting problems. I am slowly warming up to this couple. Anything to get more Annabeth, I love her character!

Zoe was avoiding George because she, like in all of Hart of Dixie season 1, has feelings for him. Sigh. I'm really not into going through this again with these two. I really do not like how they are basically the same person, i.e. the crosswords in the New York Times. What I enjoyed the most about Zoe and Wade was that they were so different and had to adjust to each other, it kept it fresh.

With George and Zoe, I see no surprise. I don't see this being a dynamic full of life and substance.

I think we all knew ultimately that this is where Hart of Dixie was leading once she started dating Wade. I know I predicted that Wade and Zoe would not last the whole season and that George and Zoe were possible endgame.

George is a great guy and Zoe deserves someone who will treat her right. Unfortunately, the writers tainted the relationship between Wade/Zoe so much that I feel it may never recover after his decisions. It's a shame too.

Moving on to the plot twist that surprised me: Brick has a brain tumor.

You know, I said in my previous Hart of Dixie review that I'd really like to find out whether or not Brick lied about it being clear. Good one, writers, even though it's dark, I really am looking forward to this plot line.

That said, Brick and Shelby are my favorite pairing on the show right now. I will go down with this ship and I truly hope she stays by his side.


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Ok. Just watched the episode. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated it to be. The only thing that sucked was Zoe's feelings for George reemerging in this episode. Everything else was great in my opinion. I really liked seeing Wade and Lemon open up the RJ together and succeeding at the end of the show. I can see how the writers could (probably) experiment with a Wade and Lemon relationship down the road, but I don't see it panning out for long. I love, love Brick and Shelby and hope that these two stay together until the end. I like that George and Tansy are moving in together but I really don't like that Zoe's feelings can destroy George and Tansy's relationship. Once George knows that Zoe is still into him, he will leave Tansy in a heartbeat. That's what makes me annoyed, but I am glad that there are other characters and story lines to focus on at the moment.


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4) starts dating Tansy who is a really sweet girl while still having googly eyes for Zoe and is now about to probably dump Tansy and break her heart to try this thing with Zoe again?! Is George really a good guy here or is he just as bad or worst than Wade? I want people to think about that.


I want to get something straight with the logic of the writers and the George fans. So, Wade is the bad guy for making a one (albeit big) mistake by having a one night stand with a girl he will probably never meet again BUT George is still the good guy even though he: 1) left his ex-fiance Lemon behind to pursue his dreams of a law career in NYC rather than just breaking up with her; 2) came back to Bluebell about to marry Lemon when he meets a NYC girl (Zoe), immediately falls head over heels for her, and ultimately ends up dumping Lemon on their wedding day (rather than saving her the humiliation and breaking up with her earlier); 3) goes immediately to Zoe on the day he was supposed to get married(!) in the middle of a hurricane. Seriously, if Wade had not been there was George expecting to get some nookie an hour after he left his fiance at the alter?!; 4) starts dating Tansy who is a really sweet girl while still having googly eyes for Zoe and is now about to probably dump Tansy and break her heart to try this thing with Zoe again?! Is George really a good guy here or is he just as bad or worst than Wade? I want people to think about that.


I will not be surprised at all if Lemon and Wade wind up in a romance. Am I the only one who thinks these two have chemistry?


All these comments seem a bit hysterical. This show is supposed to be campy and silly. But we love the characters and how they interact with each other. This includes George and Zoe, who I think have chemistry.


I honestly didn't hate this episode like I thought I would. There is ZERO sexual chemistry between Zoe and George...so give it up already. The scenes between Zoe and Wade still sizzle som I am hopful they will find their way back. Zoe aqnd Wade drive the show and provide the most fun storylines. I look forward to continuing their journey...I'm looking for the writers to be creative and surprise us.


Also I'm pretty sure that The CW Network stands for "The Crap Waste Network" - Just look what they all did with the very last season of Gossip Girl, they totally disregarded what happend in the previously seasons - I mean making Dan GG, really?
And that's was only one thing I brought up.
So to sum it up - Savage, Schwartz and The CW equals epic failures and it's times like this you really appreciate HBO and all the others networks.


I hear the ratings dipped. Well with boring zoe and george this comes as no surprise. I certainly didn't and won't watch. I came to see if the writers planned on salvaging the rest of the season but it seems like they INSIST on forcing George /Zoe on us. Poor Tansy:(


This episode was BORING - It's obvious that moronic Savage and Schwartz has intervened with this last episode, they have the gumption and brilliance as a goldfish and it's safe to say that these two together and with their "insight" could ruin a sunset


Side note: possibly the most unbelievable aspect of the entire show: Zoe suddenly being a Shakespeare expert. Yet another example of forced writing instead of natural storyline progression. And what are the odds of the bees (bees?!) setting up home in Tansy's trailer? Really? This show was never known for its realistic and consistent writing, but it's gone so downhill lately.

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Zoe: What do I do?
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