Hart of Dixie Review: Here We Go Again

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In "The Kiss," Zoe and George tried to avoid playing Romeo and Juliet in the retelling of the Shakespeare story.

How come? So they wouldn't have to kiss and possibly rehash old feelings, of course. But obviously both of those things did, indeed, happen.

The big surprise for me tonight was the reveal that Brick lied last week when he confessed that his CAT scan came out clean.

Romeo & Juliet

Elsewhere, Lemon and Wade, not so surprisingly, fought over decisions being made about the "new" Rammer Jammer. It came as to no shock that they didn't agree on anything. The best part about this storyline was they found common in ground in an employee that neither wanted. This same employee turned out to be a great fit for the establishment.

Lavon, meanwhile, was dealing with stage fright, which was comedic to watch. But I was disappointed he didn't stutter again and fail. However, it was cute to see that having Annabeth as his "rock" cured his acting problems. I am slowly warming up to this couple. Anything to get more Annabeth, I love her character!

Zoe was avoiding George because she, like in all of Hart of Dixie season 1, has feelings for him. Sigh. I'm really not into going through this again with these two. I really do not like how they are basically the same person, i.e. the crosswords in the New York Times. What I enjoyed the most about Zoe and Wade was that they were so different and had to adjust to each other, it kept it fresh.

With George and Zoe, I see no surprise. I don't see this being a dynamic full of life and substance.

I think we all knew ultimately that this is where Hart of Dixie was leading once she started dating Wade. I know I predicted that Wade and Zoe would not last the whole season and that George and Zoe were possible endgame.

George is a great guy and Zoe deserves someone who will treat her right. Unfortunately, the writers tainted the relationship between Wade/Zoe so much that I feel it may never recover after his decisions. It's a shame too.

Moving on to the plot twist that surprised me: Brick has a brain tumor.

You know, I said in my previous Hart of Dixie review that I'd really like to find out whether or not Brick lied about it being clear. Good one, writers, even though it's dark, I really am looking forward to this plot line.

That said, Brick and Shelby are my favorite pairing on the show right now. I will go down with this ship and I truly hope she stays by his side.


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"Guest" wrote: Not happening because in one way George is no better than Wade as he is very capable of hurting a significant other also. This is so very true and something people always seem to forget when they talk about how George is the Nice Guy. Frankly, I find deliberately leading your fiancé to believe you still loved her and wanted to be with her and then dumping her at the altar much, much worse than drunken meaningless cheating. Obviously both are horrible, but I wouldn't try to get over one infidelity-related break-up by pursuing a man who has already proven he's incapable of commitment/monogamy in different and perhaps even more painful ways. But then, I always forget: George is perfect and Wade is the screw-up. At least that's what the writers keep trying to TELL us. Zoe has always had feelings for George, or so she keeps trying to TELL us. In the case of this show, actions speak much louder than words. Side note: possibly the most unbelievable aspect of the entire ep: Zoe suddenly being a Shakespeare expert. Yet another example of forced writing instead of natural storyline progression.


Also - Does the pacing of this season's story line feel odd to anyone besides me? I feel like the writers were trying to jam the whole Wade/Zoe relationship into the first half of the season so that they could have some kind of "resolution" in case the show wasn't heading for renewal. If they get another season, I'd really like to see them plan for 2 (since one season will PROBABLY get them two for syndication purposes). That way they can focus more on the character development that made the first season work. This season's just been much, much weaker in that regard. The characters have been DOING a lot but they haven't been evolving at all.


So, is this Zoe/George thing ever going to happen (so we can just get it out of the way already) or is he just forever going to be her "relationship security blanket" - The guy who's nice and safe to fantasize about without ever having to find out what dating him's really like? If she does date him, does she/he realize he's the rebound guy (clearly there are actual feelings for Wade to get over since she did actually admit to "choosing" Wade on yesterday's show)... I'm torn on this - maybe getting Z/G out of the way would be a good thing for the show. Liking seeing Lemon and Wade doing something other than their usual prancing/huffing and screwing up schtick. I'd love to see them find a way to do more with the Rammer Jammer than just keep it going - to prove their mettle as adults.


I really don't mind George and Zoe together, they really seem to care about each other. I actually thought the show got slow when Zoe and Wade got together....it lost that will they-won't they thing that was fun to watch. I still love this show no matter who Zoe is with, that is part of loving a show. If you only like it when she is together with one certain person then you didn't ever really like the show, you just like that relationship.


It really did seem Z lost that initial spark with G after she and W got together the night of the wedding. Z&W chemistry together does not compare in any way with Z&G chemistry. It's obvious the writers didn't expect this to happen between W&Z and trying desperately to force W&Z fans to see a different side to Wade. Not happening because in one way George is no better than Wade as he is very capable of hurting a significant other also. Wade panicked and sabotaged the relationship as he felt deep down that he was not capable of taking care of Zoe and having his own business. He was afraid of failure and never had the support of a mom or dad to encourage him. So let's get on with George and Zoe and see the ratings fall. I just read the episode reviews since break up as it's not the same and show has lost the spark. I know there will be something between Zoe and Wade before or during final episode. I do not think we will have a reconciliation between the two but maybe a positive look to the future.


Here we go again indeed...seriously writers wth? So let me get this straight you break up the favorite couple, probably one of the biggest reasons why some people watch the show and not only do you break them up in the most stupidest way ever but now you're trying to feed us the same crap you've tried to feed us back in season 1? Do they not remember how that ended up? Seriously I never face palm myself so much when watching a show...sigh I guess I'm going to have to brace myself for the inevitable to happen where Zoe and George once again break hearts...they should have just gotten this ridiculous BORING couple out of the way from the start so we wouldn't have to endure it right now.


I did not really care for this episode. The best part was the Zoe/Wade scene. They have so much chemistry. I agree with Jenn S, Zoe and George are just plain boring. They are too much alike. I really hope that Zoe and Wade are able to work through their breakup and find a way to get back together again. That's the whole reason why I watch this show.


I tried giving the show a chance without having Z/W scenes together but if last nights episode and the previous is how things will be like then I don't think I'll be sticking around any longer. They're trying to sell Z/G to me but it's not working because these two together lack what they have with other characters which is amazing chemistry. This reminds me of season 1 all over again where we started off with some great Z/W moments and then all of a sudden out of nowhere they switched to Z/G and ruined the last remaining episodes...that is until the finale. If this is how season 2 is going (which I know it is) then I rather just wait until they let Z/G have their "moments" and bring back Z/W to save the show like they did last season. Hart of Dixie I bid you farewell until your last remaining episodes.




The highlight of HOD last night for me was the Wade and Zoe scenes. Even though it was very limited, it finally seemed like Wade was himself again. However, I do not care for the Wade & Lemon dynamic at all it was Wade's dream to own a bar not Lemon's. I do feel that Lemon has been starved of any real storyline this season, so I guess that was the writers way of dealing with that. I can only hope that as we build up to the finale that Wade & Zoe will get to deal with their break up and give the fans some much needed closure.

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