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to answer the reviewer's question, Lauren chose to stay aligned with the Light Fae so she could stay close to Bo. it was kind of glossed over during the end of the season 2 finale. it's just that Hale's now taking advantage of that choice by being an Ash-hole.

i wonder how Hale changing fits into things. i know time is wonky with Lost Girl, some things happen off-screen and the time between episodes can be hours, days or even weeks. yet, there seems to be a huge jump from Hale working out of The Dal and putting the Morrigan in her place to ignoring Kenzi and ordering around Lauren. it seems very out of character for him after fighting side by side with Lauren and saving Kenzi's life during the battle against the Garuda.

is there something about being the Ash that changes fae? is Lauren right about power revealing his true nature? i do remember that his father and sister, along with most fae, see humans as insignificant little things to own, toy with or feed from.....


Loved this episode. There were enough loose ends left to make us want to tune in for the next season. I think Tamsin was on a bender out of guilt. Remember she tried to tell Dyson something - I think she was going to tell him about the hairs she took and about how Bo's about to be attacked by the Dark Fae. Only she never got the chance to finish her comment. Wish I could recall the song from the carousel. I think it might be important too.


Great episode. There were a lot of funny moments in it. I loved having them take a case again from there private investigator service like they use to. Tamsin looked awful this episode I wonder if its because of the wanderer. It seemed like Tamsin was about to tell Dyson when he interrupted her. The camera at the end hoeing that someone wa watching them made me think that it was humans killing the Fae. The next episode looks great I can't wait for it.

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