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Wow. "Hail, Hale" was a jam-packed, fae-mazing hour. If anything, there was too much going on.

I wish these storylines would have been expanded and integrated over a couple more episodes. It was Hale's inauguration day as The Ash, but that was only one of many events happening, including:

The Morrigan's power grab, Isaac's plan to use Lauren's research to satisfy his own Fae-power lust, and Tamsin's downward spiral due to her obligation to capture Bo.

Light Fae vs. Dark Fae

After Lauren disobeyed Hale, she left not only the Light Fae, but Bo behind in order to work with Isaac. She quickly succeeded in completing the work she was doing. That was something to celebrate, but it was disheartening to hear her talk about how empty her life was before. If that's the case, why would she ever want to go back to the Fae and Bo?

Throughout Lost Girl season 3, I've had issues with Bo and Lauren's relationship. While they showed their love for each other, there wasn't much of a basis beyond their physical attraction and love for each other. Bo had Lauren, her friends, family, and job, while all Lauren really had was Bo. They would hang out together at one of their homes and then Bo would go off to do her Bo stuff, while Lauren primarily worked alone.

And, Lauren shifted her work to focus on research to help Bo, either to quench her hunger, devolution or to assist on a case. Lauren's life revolved around Bo, but it didn't work the other way. It's no wonder Lauren felt something was missing in her life. She was in love, but isolated. It's not Bo's fault that Lauren didn't have outside activities or friends, but that ultimately led to their break-up.

And, the outcome was devastating. Lauren's isolation and loneliness made her an easy target for Isaac. He used her desire to make a difference and quest to be part of something to con her into using her science for questionable purposes. At this point, the entirety of his motives is a little unclear. He definitely wants to be able to give humans Fae powers, which on the surface isn't necessarily bad on its own. The Fae are able to use their powers for both good and evil and humans with the powers could use them for either as well. Isaac's plans though seem to be leading to horrible consequences since he sees the Fae as nothing more than lab animals.

Isaac is lacking his humanity and sense of right and wrong that Lauren has. He has captured and tortured Fae to further his research. Lauren would never condone that behavior. So, now that she's been complicit in his research, what will she do? Dyson, Lauren, and Aife are all locked up by Isaac right now. Though, Isaac told Lauren that they are going to "do magnificent things together," so he's not going to leave her locked up. Perhaps, she can gain his trust enough to help Dyson and/or Aife get free. Or, since Isaac seems to want to "become" Dyson, that may be when the wolf is able to escape. 

Meanwhile at the Dal another conflict was breaking out. The Morrigan used the the Fae mass grave, Dyson's kidnapping by humans, and Lauren's name on the deadly poison to solidify power. She put up a vote of no confidence on Hale and named all Humans as terrorists.  At this point, her motivation beyond wanting more power is unclear. The first ramification of her order was the imprisoning of Kenzi. The human's capture will likely be temporary since Hale slipped the safety enchantment from his father into her pocket as he kissed her. 

Hale kissed Kenzi! It came at an unfortunate time, but at least he told her how he felt before the Morrigan interrupted them. Hale likes/loves Kenzi! At this point, he would give up his life and position to save her. It will be intriguing to see how far he has to go or if she'll be able to free herself with his gift.

I'm not sure what's going on with Tamsin, but she's losing it. Is it because of the drinking? Or,is the drinking a symptom of her problem. My only guess at this point is that she's suffering guilt from what she's supposed to do to Bo and using alcohol as a way of releasing her tension.In the bathtub scene, she seems to be blaming Bo in a way for her suffering. Bo is too perfect and that is causing her pain over having to turn against the succubus.

Will it work though? All along it has seemed like she was trying to sabotage the potion. Now that Bo and Lauren are broken up, will the hair still work? Not sure. Tamsin was a train wreck though from living in her car, jumping in the tub with Bo and then basically taking over Lauren's place. Tamsin proved herself in the end when she jumped in front of Bo and then saved her life. Will Tamsin survive? And, now that Bo knows that Tamsin was putting together a potion to hurt her, what will she do? Save the Valkyrie? Knowing Bo, of course, she will. And, then forgive her.

The whole gang is broken up. Bo is with a shot Tamsin. Dyson, Lauren and Aife are all caged. Trick is in a trunk. Kenzi is under the Morrigan's control. It's one big mess to resolve in only one more hour. 

Odds and Ends

  • Bo: It's a break. Yeah. Even I don't buy that line anymore. | permalink
  • Tamsin: What up, Succubus? | permalink
  • It was nice to see Bo and Dyson being friendly with one another at the Dal again. His friendly flirtation was hilarious and has moved their relationship into a more comfortable zone for both of them. He understands and accepts that they aren't going to get back together.
  • The tub scene between Tamsin and Bo was sad, weird, funny, sexy, and more weird. A whole range of emotions between those two.
  • The interactions between Kenzi and the Massimo, the druid, were just odd. Tamsin must have filled him in on Kenzi's background. It's like she knew she was being conned, but couldn't help herself. If Kenzi didn't have an even better moment with Hale, I'd wonder if there could be a future between Massimo and Kenzi. They were kinda cute together.
  • Dyson's fight scene was disheartening. Instead of two roosters, it was two Fae men in cockfighting. And, all in order to show Isaac that Dyson was in fact the powerful Fae that he needed and wanted.
  • Isaac does NOT know about Bo. That was intriguing. If he's been investigating Lauren, it's a surprise that he didn't know who she was dating.
  • Who took Trick? My guess: The Morrigan. If anyone could undermine the consolidation of power, it would be Trick.
  • Can Lauren and Bo find their way back to each other? At this point, it seems less likely than before, but love conquers all, right? Perhaps, Lauren will rid the new lab of Isaac and take it over. Since it seems unlikely that she can return to the Fae, it would give her a life and job outside of the Fae. Lauren and Bo can find their love for each other again in a more balanced relationship.
In the season finale, will Bo be able to save her friends and family from Isaac? Will Kenzi be safe with Hale's talisman? What will become of Tamsin? And, will Bo's father make an appearance?


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Dyson and Bo are a better fit. Dyson understood Bo's sexuality whereas Lauren did not.
You didn't watch season 1, did you? I'm really concerned about what they are doing to Lauren. The writing is all over the place. She's incredibly smart and yet incredibly naive. And now she is in an impossible situation. The promos didn't help fixing that. I hope they help redeem her character in the finale because they've pretty much assassinated her this season. As for her relationship with Bo, I think it will take a long while but they'll eventually find their way back to each other. Also, pleasepleaseplease don't turn Kenzi Fae!


A lot going on indeed, but it all made for an exciting action-packed hour! Tamsin has really grown on me this season, and I'm intrigued about where her story is going. Will she betray Bo or won't she? She likes Bo, but someone is really scaring her. Massimo is an enigma. I knew Tim Rozon from Instant Star was guest starring so I rewatched the "Ceremony" episode, and he was the voice of who Bo recognized as her "father". However, I'm wondering if he is just a guy that kidnapped her as a baby and not necessarily her father. Aife is alive! It seems like she's back to her old self (not murderous crazy) and concerned for Bo. I'm wondering if evil Isaac knows about Bo and her enormous power. Also, who kidnapped Trick? Humans or Fae? Loved the Bo and Dyson moments in this episode and all thru this season. It looks like Dyson is who Isaac has his eye on now and wants to take his ability. With Tamsin down, I'm curious how Bo will launch her rescue! Bo and Dyson make a really good team when tackling the bad guys! Liked that Hale confessed to Kenzi. Hale hasn't had a lot of screen time this season, and it's a pity. I'm wondering if Kenzi will return his affection. I wonder if this will prompt her to try and see if she can become Fae. I have mixed feelings about this. I like the fact that Kenzi is human and brings her street skills to the table as opposed to a magical ability. However, I can see how magical abilities will keep her in the Fae world and make her relationships easier. I really liked this episode and can't wait for the finale. Also, note, that "Jerry" is Anna Silk's real life husband! How cute!


Lauren's "breakthrough" was poorly written. There was no setup, no background information, nothing. She drops a solution onto a slide and Eureka it works. I need to re-watch that. Aiefe is still alive. Yay! When she and Bo were fighting, she fell off the staircase. When Bo went down there was no body, leaving it open as to whether or not she was dead. It is said on the Lost Girl wiki that and it's shown that someone had taken her critically wounded body, and that Aife is not dead yet. ( I need to re-watch that episode.) now guessing that it was someone from Isaac's team. I am just glad that the same actress is still playing the role. Dyson and Bo are a better fit. Dyson understood Bo's sexuality whereas Lauren did not. Bo is omnisexual. She needs sex to feed. Lauren knew that Bo needs sex to heal, feed, and charge up. Lauren cannot provide the juice that Bo needs, yet she wants Bo all to herself. Dyson at least understood that. I liked Dyson and Bo, but I think Bo needs to be more like her mother and not have any exclusive relationship. I think Tamsin and Bo would be a fun relationship to explore. There is definitely attraction there. A really fun joke would be to have Erin Karpluk as a guest star as one of Bo's trysts. Tamsin is homeless because she defied the Morrigan. If she could, I think that Tamsin would go neutral like Bo. She seems to hate being labelled as dark. I also wondered how Morrigan could call the shots at a LIGHT fae party. That whole setup was wonky. I do like the Morrigan, but I think she was out of character there. She seems to work behind the scenes and not such an overt control bid. Trick was sneaking away to fight another day. He was probably going to go find Bo's father himself. He made sure to take the parchment with what I assume is a picture of Bo's father. I hate how Trick is so secretive. I do not know how they knew of Trick's secret passage, but those guys that rounded him up were definitely intriguing. I do not think they were dark fae, but I could be wrong there. Humans seem out of the question. The only humans capable would be Isaac's team and I don't think Isaac knew of Trick and if he did, he did not care about him. Maybe we will find out in the finale. I like Trick, but he is way too secretive sometimes. Another thing, both Trick and Hale just told Kenzi to run. Just run. They should know Kenzi by now and know that our girl needs some explanation. I do love Kenzi, but that girl needs to trust somebody. Hell, in Faebysitting, she and Bo were making fun of the horror movie stereotypes. In Hail, Hale, she WAS the horror movie stereotype. I am just a big fan of the show and those answers are pure conjecture on my part.


I'm kind of mad with Lost Girl right now. I get that they want to have cliffhangers for the finale but I think they introduced way too many things with only 1 episode left. I think they wasted time leading up to the dawning which wasn't even that big of a deal in the end. They definitely could have spent more time on this human vs. fae thing IMO.

Carla day

@R re: Lauren and Bo -- My issues with the relationship played out in the story, so they weren't unfounded. And, they had nothing to do with liking or not liking the two of them together. The speculation at the end was about whether or not after their issues/problems they could find their way back to each other. Lauren wanted space, but it became much more than that. Have her actions precluded any future for the two of them? I don't know, but presented a possible way back to each other.

Carla day

@R re: Dyson. We are saying the same thing. I'm not saying they won't get back together. He has accepted that, which has created a comfortable ease and banter between Dyson and Bo. Definitely doesn't mean they won't be reunited romantically at some point. Bo's still all about Lauren even though Lauren is currently emotionally and physically gone.


And I have to laugh when the writer says they've had issues with Lauren and Bo's relationship, but at the end she's all about them 'finding their way back to each other'. Haha.


I don't think you can write that Dyson knows they aren't getting back together...because you don't know that. Maybe he just knows it won't be happening right now. That is one thing that these reviews get wrong...you think you can predict what will happen with characters or what they will do, when you aren't the writer.


(Part 2) And how is Aife alive? And why was Trick running? And who were those guys who rounded him up? And how did they know where his secret fireplace thing let out? I like that things are moving along. I kind-of sort-of like that Hale admitted his feelings for Kenzi. And I'm OK with unanswered questions. I just don't like answers (and plot complications) that don't make much sense.


It was a very eventful episode -- so eventful, in fact, that many of the events only marginally make sense. Lauren starts work at Isaac's lab and immediately makes a remarkable scientific breakthrough. Huh? If science is this quick & easy, where's my flying car? At the start of the Ash's big party, everybody is wondering what the heck the Morrigan is doing there, and by the end she's proposing motions and holding votes. Huh? The Morrigan can call and chair a parliament of LIGHT fae in the middle of a PARTY? And they can declare humans TERRORISTS? Huh? Don't terrorists have to, you know, try to terrify you? (And was it me, or did the Morrigan admit to plotting the whole thing in order to highjack the Light?) Why is Tamsin living out of a truck? What happened to her job as a cop? Did the Morrigan cut off her allowance when she refused to implicate Bo in coma guy's death? And how is Aife alive? And why was Trick running? And who were those guys who rounded him up? And how did they know where his secret fireplace thing let out?

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