The CW Picks Up The Originals for Series, Renews Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast

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The CW made a trio of major programming announcements this afternoon:

  1. It has ordered The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals to series.
  2. It has renewed Hart of Dixie for Season 3.
  3. And Beauty and the Beast for Season 2.
The Originals Poster
Hart of Dixie Valentine's Day Card
Cat's Unromantic Valentine's

These shows join Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, which were also renewed for the 2013-2014 season.

It's worth noting that these pick-ups do NOT mean all hope is lost for The Carrie Diaries and Nikita. But it should be diminished a bit.

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Was a huge fan of Hart of Dixie but it got too ridiculous for me. I love the cast, but the writing SUCKED! Rachel Bilson is a great actress, but the campy writers portray her like a stupid high school girl.
The writers really need to actually go and see just what it takes to become a surgeon in the first place.
If they knew that they wouldn't have written a scene (and many others) where Zoe is freaking out with an electrical meter box that's misbehaving and sparking a little bit.
Writing her as a helpless, hapless 'teenager' is what killed it for me.
My switch got turned off early in season 2.


I'm sure all GG fans agree with me that the CW SUCKS without our beloved GG
Bring Gossip Girl back pleaseeee!


I love Nikita ! That's the only CW series here in France that I really enjoy ... I also love Arrow but it's already renewed ! Please please every episode of Nikita is great !


They just need to get rid of this ridiculous "baby" storyline and I'm all in for The Originals. Oh, and Phoebe Tonkin.


Thrilled for The Originals. Love Morgan and Gillies too much to not have them onscreen. I think pairing them up with TVD for some back to back action will be beneficial to both.

Spindae 2o

BTW I want CW to bring Emily Owens back and shift Pheobe Tonkin back to the SC! Thank U!


The CW hasn't been the same since Smallville ended !! .... Nuff said on that. I hate the fact that Hart of Dixie is coming back...ugh..... when will the CW figure it out that what they excel at is genre television.Namely Action and Horror to an extent. please cancel that hillbilly show already. CW is in love with those cute shows but they all suck. the originals will kill the Vampire Diaries in ratings, just you watch..... also it would be massively cool for the Winchester brothers to pop up in the Vampire Diaries universe, it's wishful thinking no doubt :)


I'm not surprised the Originals got picked up though the backdoor pilot didn't grip me as much as i thought it would but it was still entertaining. Really hope Nikita returns for a fourth season, even if it might be its last. And why the hell is Hart of Dixie getting renewed? The writing is already weakening in that show and they aren't even on Season Three yet.


All I have to say is bring Gossip Girl back!!! The CW has not been the same since GG ended!!! TVD is getting so boring.

Spindae 2o

I'm glad for HoD and Clair and Daniel from The Originals. I don't watch BatB but glad for the show I thought they will suffer The SC destiny. I really hope they give The CD a new chance. With a better promotion and some better known actors to promote the show.

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The Originals Quotes

They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again. The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again. So as time moves along we get lost in distractions, act out in frustration, react with aggression, give in to anger, and all the while we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger, and before we know it, the time passes. We are healed. Ready to begin anew.


There's a saying in my family. Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow. Yet even as you dance on that demon's grave, you can't help but wonder, was that demon alone? Or do you have other, deadlier ones to fight? And though you celebrate having won the battle, have you really prepared for the war? So as we dress ourselves in teh armor needed for this new fight, we must first tend to our wounds, starting with the deepest.


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