The CW to Renew All Current Programming?

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With The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and Supernatural already booked for 2013-2014, and 90210 preparing to say farewell, a new report suggests that The CW may soon have an important announcement regarding its remaining programs:

They are ALL coming back!

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While ratings for Nikita, Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast and The Carrie Diaries aren't anything to get overly excited about on their own, Deadline details how The CW makes a great deal of money off its online streaming deals.

Aside from ad-based replays on the network's official website, The CW signed a five-year, $75 million deal with Hulu last year and another rich contract with Netflix in 2011.

Most of the aforementioned shows - The Carrie Diaries in particular - perform well on these platforms, giving the network incentive to bring them all back in some form (13 episodes each, perhaps?) next season.

Look for announcements to be made over the coming weeks, while the full network schedule will be unveiled in mid-May at The CW Upfront in New York City.

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when is next carrie episode?????


Please save Beauty and the Beast , spectacular show and cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Love it!!!!


Save beauty and the beast. Give it a second season. Brilliant show. Wonderful cast.


BATB needs to be renewed!!! Of all of CW's shows, it is without a doubt the best!
If it is cancelled, I'm tuning out of this station, period.
I cant explain it, and its actually a little weird, but I am absolutely addicted to the show.
Concept, storyline, chemistry between Vincent and Cat, chemistry between Vincent and Cat, and did I mention the chemistry between Vincent and Cat?
It won the PCA, that should count for something?
Other than Supernatural (possibly) I think it has the most devoted and avid fan base...


Well Hart of dixie and Carrie Diaries. One of the best shows have been cancelled. Life Unexpected, Wild Cats, Emily Owen MD alll good shows. Cancelled. How can they cancel the Carrie Diares.


BATB must get another season. So many things untold and so many characters yet to interact. It must. The theme is fresh in accordance to stagger they have taken from the original story, this calls for another salute to the long known story.


All I care about is BATB! My favorite show other than SPN & I know it's already safe. BATB deserves a second full season! It's a great show!


Kevin, my understanding is that when a show goes into syndication, it means that other stations will start purchasing the rights to air reruns. I think that a show needs to have aired about 100 episodes in order to reach this important landmark, but when it happens, it means that the show will continue to make decent money from reruns even after it is cancelled. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to cancel a show in its 3rd or 4th season if it is on the verge of syndication.


Beauty and the Beast deserves a second season and many seasons after... The show is just to good to cancel! It's amazing! And there's a lot of people out there that would agree! I like Arrow and 90210, but not as much as The Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast, they are my absolute favorite shows on CW. Actually I'm addicted! :)


What does syndication mean? I hear people talking about nikita being syndicated all the time but i dont know what that means

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