The Good Wife Review: All About Love

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"The Wheels of Justice" moved quickly on this week's The Good Wife, as Alicia expedited a trial for her infamous client Colin Sweeney.

When we last saw Sweeney, he was being charged with sexual misconduct with Isobel Swift in "Long Way Home" after previously getting away with murdering his wife. Now, he's engaged to Isobel. 

While the fast tracked trial was the case-of-the-week, the overriding theme of the episode was all about love and its various incarnations. 

Defending McSweeney

Instead of a normal trial involving Colin Sweeney (if there is such a thing), Alicia demanded that the trial start within the 160 days required by law at a defendant's request.  That meant the trial needed to start the next day. This maneuver was all about protecting Sweeney from a potential life sentence in prison. Sweeney already had two strikes against him and with the coming Supreme Court ruling and a third strike in this trial, he would be sent away for a life sentence.

While Sweeney probably deserved that sentence for killing his wife, he was found not guilty in that case. Alicia needed to do what was in her client's best interest to keep him out of prison. In the end, Sweeney's case ended before the Supreme Court ruling came out. He was found not guilty of the major charge and guilty on the lesser charge of Disorderly Conduct, which meant 30 days in jail. Not bad.

The more entertaining aspect of the episode was the revelations about love however messed up the situation may be.

Messed Up Love After accusing Sweeney of sexual misconduct, Isobel continued a relationship with Sweeney and they got engaged. Even though Isobel knows that Sweeney killed his first wife, she still continued a relationship with him. In an oddly funny moment, Isobel asked Alicia if Sweeney would kill her too if they got married. The lawyer responded that since she didn't have any money probably not.

Then, Isobel purposefully hurt Sweeney's case by lying on the stand about where they were when the shots were fired. Why? To get him to agree to marrying her without a pre-nuptial agreement. Wow. She forced his hand and made their relationship about the thing he killed his wife over. Isobel is one manipulative and risk taking gal. But, they love each other, right?

Love for a Father Before putting herself out there for the Supreme Court nomination, Diane had Kalinda do a background check to see what issues she'd have to face under scrutiny. When Diane found out that her father had betrayed his best friend, she was devastated. Instead of seeing her father's name tarnished, Diane considered declining the offer. That's a special and true kind of love.

Opposites Attract Diane and Kurt are about as opposite as two people can be. They are like Newton's Cradle kinetic balls that keep bouncing together and then apart. Despite their differences, they love each other. When Diane asked Kurt to marry her, it both was a shock and made sense. They aren't young teenagers in love for the first time. If they love each other, they should just be together.

During Kalinda's investigation, she found a reason for Diane to stay away from Kurt. And, then Kurt responded to her proposal by asking for time. Even though, it was in her best interest to wait too, she again decided to put love before career. She would take the man of her dreams and protect her father over being a Supreme Court judge. I hope they elope! It would be a fitting wedding for both of them. I've never appreciated Diane more than I did in this episode, she showed her true heart for the first time.

Unrequited Love ... Maybe Alicia and Will have an odd romance. Neither of them have been completely honest with the other, so it's unclear what's in their hearts. They both push the other away for fear of being hurt or rejected. Is it unrequited love? Or, is it stupidity? Even though Alicia said she loved Peter, she definitely is still smitten, if not, entirely in love with Will. He hasn't revealed his true feelings, but it seems he still has a think for her too. 

Alicia needs to look inside herself and decide who and what she wants and go for it. Rejection would be better than what she's going through now. If Laura can see the love between Will and Alicia, why can't they?

Odds and Ends

  • Alicia has a new gorgeous office with a $10,000 decorating budget, while Cary gets a new office with folding chairs as a couch. Will he get Alicia's old couch? It's still a step up in office for him. No more sharing. Will Diane follow through on Cary's partnership even if she doesn't leave? 
  • Robyn is proving to be just as capable an investigator as Kalinda. Though her "mean face" isn't nearly as intimidating as Kalinda's though it's close. And, her con on the lawyer at the bar was very convincing. It was hilarious that he tried to ask her out even after he knew what information she was after. Nice job, Robyn!
  • The Vampire Diaries fan fiction will go down as one of the oddest, but funniest moments in The Good Wife history. Poor Kalinda having to read that and Diane having to listen to it. Would Damon and Elena ever do it in a pick up truck though? That sounds more like something Diane and Kurt would do, right?
  • "I'll just kill her." Oh, Sweeney. I really hope Isobel doesn't end up dead. That would be horrible and a stretch for the show. 
  • I've liked Laura since the beginning, but she earned a bump up in the respect department when she ended it with Will. She may have lied, but she did it with good reason. She's friends with Alicia. Even if Alicia can't acknowledge her feelings for Will, Laura knew it was best for the friendship and for herself to get out before things got more complicated.


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Ms. Hampton, you're right: "Actions have consequences." But, I'm more fearful about the consequences Alicia would face if she pursues her illicit affair with Will. Peter for four seasons has already been dealing with the consequences of the mistakes he made two years before and has to a large extent reformed. Alicia is in a very bad place. If Peter, who already knows of the affair suddenly gives up on her and files for divorce, she can lose custody of the kids and Peter can make it difficult for her to get a fair settlement because of her deceit. She would also lose her kids respect for lying and cheating on their Dad who they've come to trust and respect for being honest with them and has demonstrated he is earnest in keeping the family intact.


Ms. Hampton, you asked, "Why does Peter deserve a happy ending?" To that I reply, Why not? In fact, why should the entire Florrick family be deprived of the chance to be whole and happy again? You admit, "I'm not saying that Peter hasn't reformed in some way..." So, you yourself have noticed efforts on his part to change and get his family back together and intact. He has been honest with his children and they have witnessed him exert a lot of effort to right his wrong and keep the family together. Peter for his resolve and earnest actions to get his life on the right path makes him deserving of another chance for a happy ending.

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