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The review barely mentions Cary even though Cary was very instrumental in the episode. I really liked the whole episode and the only thing I found a little funny was that Grace didn't know who Cary was when he showed up at Alicia's apartment. He was just there a few weeks ago and Grace has seen him in court several times with her mother. Other than that it was another great show. Colin Sweeeney and Robyn were very funny to watch.


No cary and kalinda interaction this week, it's ok i'm still patient and hoping for action in the finale.

liking the new investigator, i thought it was quite funny her interactions. she's exactly like kalinda but a more pc version.


Glad Cary got an office and i think he will still get to be a partner and would love it even more if Will makes him named would princess Alicia deal with that....? but the writers aren't that brave :/

Diane is so cute with kurt but sigh i want them to be happy but he's view will hinder her in the future if she wants to be a supreme court as seen in scandal. Your personal life will affect your campaign if not admitted up front..... i do want her to be supreme court but then what will happen to LG i cant see anyone else's name there!


it was a funny filler episode. collin always adds laughter in a weird im scared please dont kill me kind of way. i believe he may kill this next one too but in a way you least expect it i in overdose or car accident......

either way alicia stop being so selfish and let will go, but i am glad laura didn't allow it to go further. it was too weird watching! you could see his affection for alicia and it wasn't fair on her. the other lady needs to return n remind alicia that she is with peter. on that subject where was he this week? no mention at all!


Love Alicia and Will. Looking forward to seeing the NeXT episode. I hope that Alicia give in to Will, Peter does not deserve Alicia. He has been a lying, unfaithfull ass and he is only "keeping" Alicia because she is liked by the public when he is campaigning. Peter is not the good guy here. I know Will is a very manipulating man and will go far for keeping his buisness. BUT HE LOVES ALICIA!!! I hope not that Alicia go back with Peter, I would never trust a man like that. When he is out, is he seeing another woman or what?
Loved Kurt and Diane :-)


I am so tired of Alicia and Wil. I have never liked them together, I don't like Wil. What you want to bet that Isobel and Sweeney get married and she kills him! I think it is a little odd that Diane has not seen Kurt in how long and she wants to marry him...Really? This show is so old fashion at times. Diane is will to give up everything to protect her father and for love. Alicia is giving up everything for Mr. Big or Wil but Wil is still mr. single man but he really loves Alicia but he will stab in the back to keep his career going. Come on writers! Now that Diane is giving up everything for men what will happen to Carey. She told him a partner will be leaving in six months...I guess Carey will keep the folding chairs. Carey is a great lawyer and they need to stop jerking him around.


@Jose T agreed, he's sure fun to watch, he's soo good he scares the shit out of me, shame it was renewed otherwise I would've lived happy knowing that Sweeney can't kill anyone else :)


It's funny sometimes it the little things you remember from a show. In this case-pizza. The show is set in Chicago but filmed in New York. Chicago is the home of deep dish pizza. Cary and Robyn are eating a thin cheese pizza. Typical in NY but sacrilege in Chicago. Otherwise enjoyed the episode.


Colin Sweeney is always hilarious! His last lime about having to kill her when she cheats him out of his money had me on the floor!

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