USA Network to Pick Up Happy Endings?

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There may be a happy ending for Happy Endings after all.

Just not on ABC.

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Deadline confirms that USA has interest in the beloved comedy if, as expected, ABC cancels it after the upcoming season.

There are many financial hurdles that would need to be cleared first, but USA will start airing reruns of Modern Family in the fall and executives believe new episodes of Happy Endings would make for an ideal comedic pairing.

Do we even need to bother asking: Would you want to see USA pick up Happy Endings?

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I love when people post on articles saying "I don't care I don't watch this show." Etc. What a waste of everyone's time. Anyways, I really really really hope this works out. I'll love you forever, USA!


YES That would be SO Awesome!




YES ! ! !


AWW YEAH! Love this show and have the first 2 seasons on dvd (which i gladly push on my friends!) More Happy Endings is always a good thing!


I hope so, but not going to get my hopes up until its official.


could i care less? i tried watching it, it never clicked ....


Yes, yes, yes!


Happy Endings Quotes

My secret is so big that just the tip well be enough.


Dave: Whore's bath?
Penny: Ah yeah David, I did take a whore's bath okay? I had a one night stand and didn't have time to shower so did I rub some dryer sheets on my pits and throw some water on my hush at Au Bon Pain? Yes I did.