American Baking Competition Recap: Oh, Pie!

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The American Baking Competition got underway last night on CBS, with constant reminders that this is the most patriotic show on television.

There was flag bunting. Jeff Foxworthy as host. The actual name of the competition.

Yes, it's based on a British series, but CBS did not want any viewer to forget that this is America's version, dammit. F-ck, yeah!

American Baking Competition Logo

As for the actual contestants? Francine was clearly the star, as the Southern cook knew her way around various types of pies.

Who was sent home? Who continues to do battle for a $250,000 grand prize? Visit our friends at Food Fanatic for their very first American Baking Competition review now!


The UK version is so amazing, I was really let down by the US version. It really needs the 90 minutes to show the "making of" the bake item. The UK version is further enhanced by the presence of Queen Mary Berry. In comparison Maria is very lightweight. Mary Berry has so much wisdom and gravitas, a nod from Queen Mary provides so much gratification for both contestants and audience. Maybe if they pair Paul Hollywood with Martha Stewart,or someone equally heavyweight.


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