Body of Proof Review: Prepping For the Apocalypse

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"Dark City" featured everyone floundering in the dark in more ways than one, as Megan and Tommy continued their complicated dance.

Speaking of which, was anyone else tired of hearing them both say, "It's complicated" or was it just me? This took place every time someone got to the point of explaining exactly why they were interrupted, leaving the audience frustrated by the lack of information.

Near Disaster

We know that Tommy cheated on Megan, but it's about time we learned more details about what was obviously a passionate but disastrous affair decades earlier. 

As much as I like Charlie, I was thrilled that he and Megan's late evening out was disrupted, even if it was by a plane crash. 

I'd like to see Charlie stick around, just not as Megan's love interest. Perhaps he could help pull Kate back from her descent into political success and personal catastrophe.  Adam was right. Every week we witness Kate's moral compass become more shaky. 

Back to the plane crash: I never suspected the flight attendant. Talk about poor judgment. She drugged the one armed person on the plane. Maybe she should have read up on the possible side effects of that medication she was taking.

And Megan was right. How desperate was her husband to retrieve those drugs if he sabotaged a generator, stole a body, butchered it and then shoved it into an elevator shaft?!? That couldn't have been quick. Didn't anyone notice him missing?

I was grateful to get some more time with Curtis and Ethan. His obsession with apocalypse prep was funny, but I still don't see how that could have helped him fix an industrial sized generator with cut wires.

When he hurt Ethan with the celebratory chest bump I had to laugh.

At Megan's home I was proud of Lacey for confronting her grandmother - and although Joan's speech about moving on sounded good, I'm still not convinced she's not hiding something about her husband's death.

But back to Megan and Tommy: It was satisfying to witness Megan realize how she's treated Tommy recently in this Body of Proof quote

Megan: I know exactly what my last words to him were and they weren't poetry. They were trite, flippant and now I might never see him again. | permalink

Nothing like a near death experience to put things in perspective. As Megan stood there telling Charlie what she had planned, I knew it would never happen. Of course that didn't mean some naive little part of me didn't want to see Megan march right in and drag Tommy away from Riley. 

With only a couple of episodes left until Body of Proof season 3 finale, I figure they will make us wait for any type of relationship resolution. I've got my fingers crossed for a happy ending. These two characters deserve it.


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Please don't CANCEL!!!!!!!!!!! I Love the Show!!! Why'd you bring it back just to cancel it?????


@Ryan Jones, of course Felicity had said she would help only until Walter is returned. But haven't you ever made a plan to stop a job and then fell in love with it? Besides, we don't even know if Walter is remaining with the company where Felicity was working. @Mrs Morgan I so agree with you. I also turned away during Oliver's and Laurel's love scene. I felt awkward watching it. I was not rooting for it. He was a cheater and hurt her and her sister, now Laurel is falling back into his arms. She is fickle. She should have tried to make it work with Tommy. Tommy was so right though but I still am disappointed that Laurel accepted back Oliver. And I'm annoyed that he didn't care enough about his friendship with Tommy and went back with Laurel.


At the time of watching this I did not know ABC was cancelling the show. However now that I know, maybe I can understand the ridiculousness of making Megan do an about face regarding Tommy. Cause I didn't see that coming. She was brushing him off all the time and showing no concern, and all of a sudden in this ep, after nearly about to go and sleep with Charlie, she becomes so weepy and caring about Tommy and wants to rush off to declare her love? I didn't buy that for one second. And to add insult to injury, the writers make her stop short of going and talk to him when he just escaped death? No wonder they're cancelling this. Unbelievable. I will still miss it though. I do like her stiletos and clothes, and Mark Valley. :(


This show is going downhill fast. The writing has become predictable, and the lead character is neither likable, interesting, nor even slightly believable.
The only positives in this show presently are the supporting cast. I am amazed when decent shows get cancelled, and garbage like this continues.


I liked this episode. I thought it was funny how both Lacey and Curtis were talking about the same show and how it's the reason they know what to do and have during the apocalypse. The whole flight attendant drugging the marshal because he found out one of the passengers was carrying drugs was kind of an interesting story line I never would of saw that coming. If Tommy would have just waited a few more hours he would probably be with Megan because she came to him but when she did he was leaving with the one chick. I like Megan and Charlie together I don't know about them as a couple but they are fun and I hope to see more of him.


Er, don't you folks think it's time to change the pic across the top since a third of the characters in it have been replaced this year?


The writing on this show has gone down hill.
I agree totally with @sonde
@dee as far as wearing red goes, Johnny Cash wore black all the time ... I'm just sayin...
I'm still flabbergasted with the tail section scene. A tail section that is VIOLENTLY RIPPED from the BODY of an aircraft will tumble out of control and judging from the height and speed that it fell there would very few, if any survivors and the MOST CERTAINLY would not be sitting in their seats breathing hard.
Plus where's all of the light coming from in the middle of nowhere?
there's nothing more irritating to me than writers that don't do their homework!


Bad writing again.
Tommy, a seasoned professional law enforcement person w/many years of experience and a trained emergency driver, swerves and crashes into a tree because he saw a woman with a pipe sticking out of her on the left side of the road ... and this is after he passed debris on the road a few moments ago? He didn't have the smarts to SLOW DOWN? Writers like Alfred Hitchcock could keep people at the edge of their seats; on pins an needles, using simple techniques that made it so believable that it was heart pounding. Writers today have to resort to gimmicks (crashing into trees) to bring 'drama' to the screen.


First, we see a 747 series aircraft from the outside .
Then, interior of a smaller aircraft.
747's, have 2 aisles w/10 seats across.
Just as they are about to kiss, we see the plane traveling very fast,it's on fire! Then we hear an explosion
Plane coming in real fast, that's on fire, striking a substation in the middle of the city would have been torn apart by wires, elec towers, buildings; fuel can't be dumped that quickly there would major fire. Then the tail section is flat, intact with people alive? Never happen in a million years. Writers need to look at a few aircraft investigation videos.


For a mature professional, who had her career turned upside down, she and daughter almost died (by the way the kid appears to have more sense than the mother)and countless other (tv) experiences that she's been through she is written like this wishy washy undecided milk toast. I know as viewers we like to see "the dance" but this stuff is just ridiculous! And then not to go in and at least say hello, glad your not dead! I didn't enjoy this at all.

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First rule of surviving an apocalypse, batteries.


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