Hart of Dixie Season 2 Finale Review: Zeorge or Zade?

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As irritating as it is to watch Zoe ping pong between Wade and George, her frustration over what happened was hilarious to watch on the Hart of Dixie Season 2 finale. At least at first.

In "On the Road Again," Zoe woke up hopeful that she didn't sleep with Wade... only to be disappointed when he walked out of the bathroom in only a towel. And then to make matters worse, George walked in on them. Seriously, her romantic life is a comedy of awkward situations. At this point, is it possible for her to be happy with either George or Wade? I'm not sure. And I blame the writers for that.

Zoe's Vacation

Zoe's actions these past few weeks haven't felt true to character at all. She's selfish, indecisive and was hurt by Wade, but her declarations to George and the night with Wade didn't make sense. And even though George walking in on Zoe and Wade was hilarious, he wouldn't just charge into her bedroom. He's too much of a gentleman for that. Though, I'll forgive the writers for that one, because his reaction was perfect.

Wade: Hi, Tucker.
George: No. No. No. This is -- This is unbelievable. This is freaking unbelievable. | permalink

When Zoe went to see George, he was right to push her away, even if he was wrong about her feelings for Wade. It was a nice reminder that George and Zoe have NEVER even been on a date. They have way too much romantic angst given their lack of ever having a romantic relationship. However, they did spend quality time together before he broke off his engagement to Lemon.

At this point, I don't think Zoe really knows how she feels. She was happy with Wade, but he cheated on her. I'm not sure she should ever forgive him for that. Though his speech about her seeing the good in him when he couldn't rang true. When she saw value in him, he began to see it in himself and he changed his outlook on life for the better. He's a different person now. When he lost her, he learned from his mistake. Plus, he has achieved his dream of owning a bar, which has given him confidence he was lacking before.

Zoe's decision to go to New York for the wedding on her own was the first smart move she's made in a while. The distance should give her some perspective on what she wants in life and who she loves. The surprise appearance of Jonah may put a wrinkle in her plan as he has feelings for her too and he convinced her to stay in New York for the summer. Will she decide that she likes the city life too much to go back to Bluebell? Or will she miss the small town life?

Three months can be a short or long amount of time to be away. When she gets back to Bluebell, will Wade and/or George still be pining for her? Either way, I hope the back and forth between the two men is finally over. And, no, that doesn't mean that one of them should be replaced with Jonah. While Zoe is in New York, she should have a summer fling and then return to Bluebell with a free heart. Or she should be ready to make a grand gesture to win the heart of either George or Wade.

Of course, perhaps George will show up in New York with Lily Anne's band. Outside of the watchful eyes in Bluebell and in their comfort zone of New York, perhaps Zoe and George could go on a real date and give their love a chance.

Odds and Ends

  • The abduction and retrieval of Burt Reynolds was ridiculous. Sometimes the Bluebell antics are nonsensical and make the residents look like brainless idiots. This was one of those times. I will now forever block the memory of that storyline from my mind.
  • Lemon lost her leadership role in the Belles to Cricket due to her new responsibilities at the Rammer Jammer. Can't wait to see how that plays out in season 3.
  • No one in Bluebell would ever say that a band is playing in town without actually booking them, right? Seriously, do the writers have a wheel and spin it to re-use storylines? The roadtrip to get the Gloriana's to play provided some nice Lemon-Wade bonding and banter.
  • Favorite moment: Dash's conversation about the "long awaited debut of Zeorge" and that Goe didn't work. And, is there "still hope for Zade fans out there?" A little meta, but hilarious regardless.
  • And, then even Lemon got in on the Zeorge stuff!
  • Lemon: Oh, this is about George Tucker. Because he broke up with Tansy and you think Zeorge is inevitable. No, you don't? Why not? He's finally single. She's single. Why wouldn't they? Oh my God. You slept with Zoe Hart.
    Wade: Who are you? | permalink
Where you satisfied with the season 2 finale? Did Zoe make the right decision to go to New York? Should she pick a man and stick with him? Or would you miss the love triange and potential quadrangle?


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What George and Zoe did the first season was way worse then Wade cheating on her. Zoe and George flirted and crossed lines that should not have been crossed. Wade had meaningless sex. Zoe and George had a relationship and fell in love with one another, which is worse. Just saying.


i want to see zonah! it would be nice to see what would happen between them two!


The best drama on really TV channel.


ZADE!!!!! So hot, so much chemistry... But no reunion in the first episode, let it grow... Maybe she comes back with Jonah and can´t stop looking at Wade...
I don´t like Jonah a bit. He thinks he´s so cool... Disgusting...
I really like Lemon. And I like her dressing style so much, just had to say it once. And Lemon should have some romance again, I think. Why not getting her back together with George? This also had to be developed very slowly, so you would understand what´s going on.
Annabeth and Lavon: Stay together. Love both of them.
I agree very much that Zoe needs to be more the woman she was in episode 1. And I´d like to see more of her daily work, making smart diagnoses and that stuff as it used to be in season 1... Loved that! Or competing with Breeland on a diagnosis/ patient :-)


Nice review!
I was very happy with this last episode after the last couple of very so so episodes. Zoe and George leaving Bluebell for a while is a good thing IMO. George leaving with Lily Ann: I don't think George left with her because he sees her as a possible love interest. She's his way out of Bluebell and out of his heartache. I too am hoping for at least some GZ dating in Season 3, but I would also would love to see more character development for George by way of some strong storylines for him. He's really my favorite character on the show, along with Lemon.I loved Wade and Lemon these last few episodes, one of the few things I really liked really. But I see them as bussiness partners and growing friends, not as a couple. I think AB would make a perfect mayor's wife, although I wouldn't mind Lemon and Lavon either.
I liked Jonah these last couple of episodes but I hope he will not be back as a love interest for Zoe in S3. It's complicated enough as it is :)


Zeorge please please please. We had a whole season of Zade and it just didn't work out for the characters and especially for us viewers who had to sit through this extremely annoying season. Even Jonah isn't so bad. But too similar to how Wade was, want to see Zoe and George in a good healthy relationship.


Well, here we go again. This episode does not look like a Season finale, but at least, some things worked out. yeah, i'm talking about Zoe. After all this mess that the writers doing for her in the last episodes, see her choosing being alone for a while, it's refreshing. Zoe have been annoying because off all this relationship drama. take a time for her, plis. i've always like Zoe, but they need do a better character development in the next season. This is for all the character in the show. let Wade have a season of continued growth and personal /financial success to regain his confidence, because the writers really mess him too, if this all crap cheating plot. I think the Zoe/George, is like Lemon/Lavon, they have a really bad timing. but sometime it will happen. for right now, i really like Lavon with AB. And about Jonah, i really don't know. for right now, i would prefer Zoe being alone for a while, before jumping into a another relationship drama again. Plis writers, make a better character development next season, because this is, i think, the bigger problem in this show right now. very inconsistency. See you in Season 3!


Ok Jonah started out as the Wade/George combo but now he's like stalker status. He needs to go away. Make Zade happen again, HoD writers!!!!


Part 5of5: Oooohkay, this turned out to be an essay and not a comment! Lol. I don't know who I'm shipping for with Zoe in the long-term. The first season was majorly awesome because of that amazing chemistry Zoe and Wade had, and it's a little sad we'll never get to see that again, but I'm hoping that the show becomes more exciting in Season 3. Whatever it is, I will continue to watch it, never has a show been so addictive! Go, HoD.

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Wade: Hi, Tucker
George: No. No. No. This is -- This is unbelievable. This is freaking unbelievable.

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