Matt Lanter Says Goodbye to 90210, Hello to Star-Crossed

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>It's been a whirlwind few months for Matt Lanter.

The actor finished production on 90210... filmed the pilot for Star-Crossed... and then learned the series had been picked up by The CW.

It will premiere at midseason and, according to Lanter, is far darker than the network drama that made him famous, focusing on such issues as civil rights and an epic, Romeo-and-Juliet-type romance between his character (an alien) and that of Aimee Teegarden (a human).

Watch a Star-Crossed sneak peek now and then click Play for an exclusive interview with Lanter, filmed at last week's Upfront Presentation in NYC:

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Btw this show airs on mondays at the CW :)


Hi, I am a huge 90210 fan. And I love Liam Court so to all the liam/matt fans....there is another serie called Star-crossed. Matt is a main character in it and so far I love it! Please watch this show, right now it only has 10 episodes so it won't take you long :) I must ask you to tell this to all your friends, because this serie is really good. I watch many shows like TVD and PLL and more, so I know the longing we fangirls have when we have to wait for a new episode. But in the 10 episodes Star-crossed has, I already had the same feeling. Please give this show a try, if you like 90210 you will definitely like this too. Also if you like shows like TVD, PLL, TW, Reign, LOST, GG, and more :)

Spindae 2o

He is a solid actor but he really doesn't seem like a teenager good he is an alien. His performance really depends on the script sometimes he was really good like S1 and S2 and than really bad S4. I really look forward to the show Malese Jow and Grey Damon are great didn't watched Aimee but she seems nice. I hope for a real trailer soon cause that clip didn't show anything!

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