Revenge Season 3 Scoop: Who's Out?

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Only one death took place on the finale of Revenge Season 2.

But a second main cast member will not be returning to the ABC drama this fall.

Deadline has confirms that the series will not pick up the contract option on Ashley Madekwe, meaning Ashley Davenport will no longer be around to scheme her way to the top of The Hamptons elite.

Ashley and Ems

ABC sources cite "storyline reasons" as the basis for Madekwe's departure.

Which makes sense. The character never really caught on, going from Emily's best friend to falling for Tyler to managing Conrad's campaign. But with Grayson winning election on the finale, that arc is complete and there's nowhere left for Ashley to go.

It's unclear at this time just how the show will write the social climber out.

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ehh, she had the worst story line. safe to say, she wont be missed


Ashley was terrible in this role. No, behind terrible. They are right she didn't fit in and there was no chemistry with Daniel. I was hoping that she was killed off and not Declan. Still pissed at them for that one. I didn't mind fake Amanda dying because she was really working my nerves with her lack of brain power. I like the tension of Emily and Jack not having a romance. Please bring back that hot piece of @55 Aiden. I envisioned myself as Emily whenever they would make out. I can't wait to see Victoria and what she will do this year, she definitely gives Joan Collins a run for her money.


I really really hope that Barry Sloan (Aiden) is returning next season! And hqte the fact that Declan died, and that they framed Nolan for the attack! It's gonna belong summer waiting for the return of revenge :)


I liked her. They could have given her something. She is a schemer and a good one at that. I hope Ashley Madekwe lands a role somewhere else.


...wwhy didnt they just kill her instead of declan!?


Does anyone know if the guy who played aiden is returning for season 3 ?

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