The Last Ship: Anchors Away on TNT!

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TNT is officially ready to set sail with Michael Bay.

The network has given a green light to The Last Ship, a Navy-based drama produced by the man behind Transformers.

It will star Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy) as Captain Tom Chandler, the leader of U.S.S. Nathan James, a destroyer summoned by the new President of the United States to do whatever it can in the face of a global crisis.

Tracy Middendorf is on board as Chandler's wife, while Adam Baldwin will portray the ship's second-in-command and Rhona Mitra will star as a paleomicrobiologist assigned to the boat to investigate what caused of billions of deaths around the world.

The Last Ship will debut with 10 episodes in 2014. Watch the first trailer now:

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And why do we have a wife on board a Navy vessel?


This seems interesting and I love Adam Baldwin. Not sure how far they can go with this but its intriguing enough for me to want to check it out next year. As a mid Atlantic east coast resident it slightly bugs me they pronounced Norfolk wrong though.


Decent trailer, decent cast with Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane. I'm of the opposite, Eric is an amazing actor for me, and what he did on Grey's, where he portrayed so many facets, whilst still being true to the core of his character, for me, he was at times, alot better than many others on the show. I'd watch this show, my only concern is Rhone Mitra. Apart from being quite a looker, she annoys me in every movie and series (Strike Back fx.)


Eric Dane has always been a mediocre actor to me, in my sole opinion, that's why I don't see him fit this role, but overall I liked the trailer.