Burn Notice Review: Protecting Those You Love

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On the 100th episode of Burn Notice - "Forget Me Not" - a ruggedly scruff-looking Michael found himself back in Miami with Strong.

Their goal? Stop Dexter Gamble after he discovered that Michael is actually still working for the CIA.

It feels like our hero has a long road of ahead of him before he'll be comfortable in Miami again. Watching Michael and Madeline in the parking garage absolutely tore me apart. I hate seeing the latter in pain and fear and I really hate to see her and Michael fighting.

Michael’s current situation is doing nothing but scaring and hurting his mother. But at least she got to hug him before she left. I hope she can forgive him when he finally returns.

Scruffy-Rugged Michael

Then you have Michael’s friends, Sam and Jesse, who were quick to forgive their pal and offer their help, while Fiona is clearly still in pain.

I know she's just angry at him right now... but she has to realize how much he loves her, right? Come on, Fiona, he remembered your childhood story and used it to save your life after all! Cut him a little slack! 

Speaking of remembering, the flashbacks to Fiona and Michael’s early days were interesting, but they began to drag a little towards the end. Anyone who’s watched the show for more than one season knows how in love Michael and Fiona are, so we were really only getting some filler and the reference to her goodbye kiss. That could have been done a little quicker.

As for our bad guys, I actually found Dexter Gamble (Nick Tarabay of Spartacus) an intriguing character. He was kind of an "Evil Michael Westen." Think about it: he was doing a job he was paid for (it wasn't personal), he was great at deception - and had no problem with improvising weapons. 

Obviously what makes him the evil version of Michael was that he took hostages and was willing to kill on a whim and without much in the way of regret or loss of sleep. Watching him get taken out by high-powered guns in slow-motion was both satisfying and saddening. 

However, with Gamble out of the way, we can now focus on Burke. I realized during this episode that Randall Burke may turn out to be the very last big bad guy Michael brings down. With only 11 episodes remaining in Burn Notice Season 7 and therefore the series, I don’t think they can develop Burke fully, stop him and still introduce another bad guy to take out. 

My hopes for this season are that Michael is able to realize how good he had it in Miami without the CIA and get back to his friends and family. Oh, and for the love of all that is romantic in the world, Fiona and Michael make up and get back together. Is that too much to ask?

Overall I’m giving this episode 4.5 Irish Whiskey shots in honor of Fiona and Michael’s first meeting. Here’s hoping she can be a brave little angel and forgive Michael.


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★★★★★TV Michael McBride Wow that was a great hour of TV. Love the flashbacks to Ireland. The kiss off at the end was perfect. Might that have been a clue as to Micheal's future. 👼


fiona doesn't trust mike any more .she thinks he wants to be in the cia again and is only using the excuse to save them to continue. i dont think carlos will last remember rebounds usually don't...:]


The thing is i dont really get why Fiona is as angry and dismissive of Michael. Even she had to know he did what he had to do to get his family and friends free and not because he wanted to.


It does make you wonder though if Fiona ever love michael or if Fiona even love her current boyfriend she remind me of Haily Hotch wife from CM she want someone she love to quit their job to spend with her forever and ever.


Matt Nix and crew faced a difficult choice, i.e. how do we break Mike and Fi up without repeating ourselves the way of Campbell. As a fan of the show first and foremost I loved the fact Mike couldn't just woo Fiona back based on their history. Now I hope Mike does not chase Fi because that is not him, and I hope Fiona sticks to her guns just so we keep getting good story telling. Finally, I am not a fan of the way they are using Fi's beau. There is something about an untrained so called bounty hunter being plugged in so seemlessly and having so much to say to the trained operatives that does not ring true. Personally I hope he dies heroically and soon!


Fiona has annoyed me beyond reason for a very long time. I've been hoping for several seasons now that they write Fiona out of the show. Tonight's episode gave me the faintest glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, that might be transpiring. I honestly doubt it'd ever happen, but I can still hope.


WOW that was both fun and heart breaking at the same time


Intense! Tal about nonstop! So sad that Fiona blew him off like that.


Let's put it this way :I cried.A lot...

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Jesse: The Lone Ranger routine may feel noble, but it's going to get you killed one day.
Sam: Actually, even Lone Ranger had Tonto and a horse.
Jesse: Yeah, [points to himself] Tonto. [points to Sam] Horse.

Madeline: Can I hold my son? Is that allowed?
Michael: [turns and hugs her]