Falling Skies Review: A New Kind of Invasion

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When the aliens arrived, the lives of all on Earth were changed forever. In "At All Costs," individuals were forced to deal with specific life-altering issues brought on by this new species.

Ben and his formerly harnessed friend had to decide whether to completely remove the harness along with its costs and benefits. Anne found out that Alexis isn't entirely human, while Hal was being controlled and transformed. And even Tom, Cochise and their group that visited President Hathaway were forced to make a choice, though on a different level.

Tom's Meeting

Falling Skies is no longer simply about the two sides fighting against each other with ammunition. Or, simply surviving to take back the planet. It's become much more complicated than that as the aliens have infiltrated the Humans resulting in an altering of the Human species.

In the past, Tom had a pretty good grasp of what was going on around him by following his instinct. Even though, he appears to be justified in his unwavering alliance with the Volm, there's just something off about that situation. I worry that Tom is being played all around. Perhaps, I'm getting that sense due to his narrowed focus on his new leadership position. The people around him are faltering and he has little to no clue.

Even though he knew that something was wrong with Anne and Alexis, he barely gave them a thought before running off to see President Hathaway. Yes, he previously asked Lourdes to look after Anne, but he never followed up after that. And, his disregard for that situation put his family at risk. Anne's a loving mother who's concerned for her daughter. That's driving her actions for good and bad.

What would you do if you found out your baby wasn't entirely human? Anne's decision to run was misguided, yet I understand why she did it. In her attempt to protect Lexi, she instead took her baby girl out of Charleston's protection and right into the alien's hands. The alien baby is an odd storyline that I'm not sold on at this point, but I'm definitely intrigued by the why and how of it.

When "Hal" showed up to circle Anne and Lexi with the harnessed girl and the Skitter, Hal's situation became much more interesting. I still don't believe that Hal is the mole, but he's clearly being controlled by another force. Who is controlling him? And, what do they want? I doubt that it's Karen's essence controlling him. Instead, my bet would be on another Alien being that's in cahoots with Karen. 

Since Maggie didn't notice the differences in her boyfriend, who will be the first one to realize Hal is now "Hal"? Anne should know that something's wrong with him, but I'm guessing she will be out of the picture for awhile. Perhaps, Ben will figure it out. That would be a decent tie-in with his decision to keep his harness, if he's able to sense or communicate with Hal since he's now controlled by an Alien.

And, that could help justify Ben's decision to choose his new strengths even with the potential costs over returning to a pure Human state. Which brings up a good question: If it's acceptable and helpful for Ben to remain tied to the Skitters, then is it necessarily a bad thing that Hal and Alexis also have an Alien connection. The answer to that will be pivotal in the fight for both sides.

It's a challenge to know who to trust in this new world they live in. Perhaps Tom is right to trust Cochise. And, maybe he should be weary of President Hathaway instead. Now that the President has Cochise, the sides should start to become more clear. It's a dangerous world and trusting the wrong person or entity could mean death instead of life.


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It's obvious why the aliens might want to control human minds. What's much less obvious is why they would bother being subtle about it. They hold all the cards. If they need some HUMINT, just gather it and be done with it. They don't need a leering Hal torturing Anne. So WTF are they doing? It's much less obvious why the aliens might want to screw around with human DNA. Are they after slaves? They enslaved the skitters, but the skitters are harnessed, not biologically altered. But harnessed kids are now being changed biologically. Into skitters? Why bother? And what do they need alien wonder babies for? Do they want human bodies to transfer their consciousness into? None of this adds up, and I'm fairly certain that the answers to my questions will be much more annoying than enlightening.


@Gigi2776: I like your suspicious mind. Lourdes has been very odd so far this season, and you could be right. Also, Lourdes could easily have been involved with feeding Anne whatever viruses or drugs resulted the alien wonder baby. @RealDiehl: You're absolutely right about the trite and annoying plot complications. As for Cochise, it's very clear that the flower, while real, is a symbol for what his people lost. I agree that his explanation is not satisfying, and I not only believe that his agenda is rather different than what he says, I also think it likely that his people are not what we currently think them to be. Even if they are, it's just as likely that they want to blow up the Earth and everyone on board as that they want to save us earthlings. The show has been not-so-subtly telling us that the Volm are not to be trusted, and while the show might be trying to mislead us, it's more likely that we're seeing genuine foreshadowing.


I liked the ep., but some parts just seemed "played out to me". IDK, maybe I'm jaded by too much tv, but the dual Hals and the whole Anne knocking the dude out and running away with her baby seem like variations on scenarios that pop up in every tv drama that has ever aired. I'm hoping there is a twist the writers have up their sleeves that make it unpredictable. I have faith that I won't be disappointed. And when Cochise explained why he was fighting, I thought there was a lot left out. I'm still not sure what he meant by, "fighting for a flower." Did he mean an actual flower or a flower as a symbol for the homeland he has never seen? If he was talking about his homeland then why is he many light years away from his home fighting? If his enemy is so far away from his home planet, why follow them? The threat has moved on. It sounds more like revenge.
I still have no idea whether the Volm can be trusted.


We don't know that Tom asked Lourdes to watch over Anne. We only have her word that Tom asked her. So let's not lay that blame on him. I still think she is the mole, and I suspect she planted some thing in that 'med pack' she made for Tom, which is why the enemy was able to find them with the President.
This show is getting really good. There are so many plates spinning that I find myself anticipating each episode more and more, and regretting that this is only a summer show and not a regular season series.

Ronald simkins

I also love how complex this show has become. I am so sure that Ben's decision will prove pivotal to the remaining season. Why am I suspicious of Hal's girlfriend? I love Hal and "Hal" and am looking forward to the resolution of this - I agree that Karen isn't really in control.

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